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Connect to a better now #Digital Transformation in Banking & Insurance Industry

Omnichannel communication, automated transactions, and IT transformation – by using digital solutions and innovative technologies, banks and insurance companies can successfully transform their businesses. 
With insights into tech trends, cybersecurity, AI-powered voice assistance and much more, the “Digital Transformation Event” forms a platform for networking with industry peers.

How can banking and insurance companies master digital transformation? To answer this question, our “Digital Transformation in the Banking and Insurance Industry” event provides expert discussions, workshops, and networking. By sharing their knowledge with one another, all guests may gain invaluable insights that help solve digital transformation challenges. The truly inspirational exchange allows our clients to benefit from the digitalization experience of other companies in the industry.

How can we support our customers on their digitalization journey? AI-powered call center automation, customer engagement, process automation and digitalization, cloud, identity verification, anti-fraud, and cyber security: These are key terms when it comes to a successful digital transformation in the banking and insurance industry. With our unique event, we provide a platform to present customers’ case studies and to showcase our partners’ ecosystems and innovations that we are helping to drive. 

Next to expert discussions innovator pitches and workshops give the chance to discover new solutions from various technology areas. Best practices cover aspects such as fraud prevention and risk management. Get connected with like-minded industry peers, gain insights into latest technological trends in the industry and learn about digital and technological innovations that will accelerate your transformation journey!

event speakers

Greorge Briford​
Research Director, IDC financial insights, EMEA
Silivija Juricic
Director of Clients Support Department
Alberto Skendrovic
IT and General Services Director
Alexander Pawellek
Head of Trade Finance Digitalization & Strategy
Anton Petric
VP Business Enterprise Europe
Axel Menneking
VP Startup Incubation & Venturing
Jens Pöschl
Senior Product Manager Identity Services

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Strategies and approaches

  • in digital transformation of large organizations​

Telcos enabling European Digital Identity Wallet ecosystem

  • European Commission project lead by European Central Bank on the journey towards Digital European Identity

How to improve digital experience for end-customers?

  • Robots taking-over communication with the clients​
  • Omnichannel communication with personalized messaging​
  • Reaching clients where they are & winning client's engagement

IT Transformation and modernization with cloud

  • Cloud: hybrid and multi-cloud approach to IT, services modernization, digital transformation of legacy systems, transforming the workplace
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – the scalable IT infrastructure

How to make companies cyber secure and how to prevent fraud?

  • How to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through cybersecurity​
  • Best practices in fraud prevention and risk management
  • Role of Mobile Operators in fraud prevention and enablement of secure transaction

How does technology contribute to sustainability​

  • Increase sustainability via scalable technical solutions
  • Reducing emissions through digitalization of business processes





Customer Case Studies​

Customer Case Studies​

Innovator pitches and marketplace

Innovator pitches and marketplace

Customer's needs workshop

Customer's needs workshop