More than ever before, companies in the manufacturing industry are having to adapt to new technologies. They need to go digital, automate processes, and create a new way of learning to optimize efficieny and improve customer experiences. But how can you master everything? That’s simple: Our trusted manufacturing IT solutions create the perfect foundations for efficient and sustainable production.

For example, you can use augmented and virtual reality to help employees learn more efficiently or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and robots to take over repetitive tasks in the production process. Control your inventory with digital IT solutions and keep track of your employees, fleets, and production facilities in real time. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) can help you forecast production and work out what actions to take – perfect for the automotive industry. Of course, your data is one of your most valuable assets, which is why it requires adequate protection with suitable cybersecurity measures. Our cybersecurity solutions secure everything based on our Identity-Protect-Defend-model to make sure you’re always on the safe side. Turn your production facilities into pioneers and start your digital future with our manufacturing IT solutions for a smart factory.


Conscious production that leverages the latest technologies helps production facilities improve efficiency and reduce costs. And our manufacturing IT solutions can help you achieve exactly that.



Our manufacturing IT solutions help you better understand what machines and systems are doing, which in turn helps you optimize processes, extend their service life, and reduce running costs.

  • Enjoy a clear view of manufacturing, production, and logistics processes at all times
  • Use solutions such as AGVs, RTLS, or the SmarTruck system
  • Monitor asset health at all times and use real-time information for predictive maintenance
  • Network your machines and use big data management from the cloud for optimal control




Manufacturers are under a lot of pressure to transform. Our manufacturing IT solutions make it easy to shorten lead times, increase operating capacity, and raise production quality levels.

  • Create optimized production plans using AI platforms
  • Use T-Weld for automatic welding robot guidance
  • Benefit from our Smart Factory System to help digitalize your production line
  • Optimize processes between manufacturers and suppliers jointly and across the board
  • Increase product quality thanks to AI


Employees are the most valuable asset of any successful company. You can increase your environmental, health, and safety (EHS) level, as well as the skills of your employees, with automated processes and high-tech equipment. Digital communication options help promote teamwork and increase productivity.

  • Discover Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for reliable and repetitive routine tasks in production.
  • Augmented and virtual reality tools for training employees
  • Make your production as flexible as possible using smart factory solutions
  • Enable real-time data and information exchange via 5G campus networks


Discover our comprehensive manufacturing IT solutions to optimize process flows, improve efficiency and quality, reduce costs, and increase employee satisfaction.

Automated Guided Vehicles

Using Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are a reliable, safe, and cost-efficient way to perform repetitive routine delivery tasks in production, warehousing, and logistics. AGV solutions help transform production facilities into smart factories. Whether tractors, underruns, or custom AGVs, these vehicles are perfect for increasing the efficiency of production plants as well as for production automation. The modular design of AGVs and the integrity of various components makes troubleshooting easy and helps brings down costs (e.g. minimizing parts inventory). You can also benefit from our Digital Twin platform, a software solution for designing, monitoring, planning, controlling, and optimizing production and logistics systems.

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Acquisition of data in real time
  • Digital transformation to Industry 4.0 through Digital Twin platform

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Real-Time Locating System Tracker

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) Tracker is an industrial digital transformation (DX) ecosystem that provides a digital overview of manufacturing, production, and logistics operations. Our manufacturing IT solution is an intelligent, versatile intralogistics tool that increases the efficiency of any manufacturing operation while also reducing costs. It automatically collects real-time tracking information on the position and movement of all items in the production process and digitalizes the entire logistics process. Not only that but it also boasts identification, location tracking, sensor technologies, M2M connectivity, secure communications, and a big data processing platform.

  • Displays where a part or stock item is located in the factory
  • Tasks can be assigned remotely and tracked in real time
  • Monitors the production process by tracking products, equipment, containers, etc.
  • Increases efficiency while reducing costs

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AI Production Planning Solutions

AI-assisted platforms support production processes in just the same way GPS does when driving. Our AI platform enables planners, logisticians, and team coordinators to collaborate on production plans and operations, and maintain lean production processes. It uses data from ERP, MES, IIoT, and artificial intelligence to forecast production and suggest suitable actions when unplanned events occur. It’s constantly learning and adapting to the specifics of your business. Our manufacturing IT solution also helps you manage the uncertainties of production processes, make informed decisions with fast simulations, and even suggests the perfect teams to reduce production time and increase satisfaction.

  • Create digital twin of your production
  • Predict and manage organizational downtimes
  • Make several production sites work as one factory
  • Bring transparency to connected production processes

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T-Weld for automated welding machines

Perfect welds are vital in more than just the automotive sector. T-Weld is an efficient tool to guide welding robots for maximum efficiency in the production line thanks to automatic correction control and targeted measurements of welding position errors using digital twin technology. Welding robots with 2.5D image processing recognize the exact start position and are controlled fully automatically by T-Weld. Our manufacturing IT solution holds its own even the toughest industrial environments. T-Weld works equally efficiently in varying temperatures, with dust, or in difficult lighting conditions.

  • Improved welding quality thanks to automatic guidance
  • Reduced scrap thanks to timely maintenance/adjustment of the weld
  • Reduced costs for material, energy consumption, and staff due to automation
  • More efficient production process

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Smart Factory solutions for production

Our Smart Factory system allows you to digitalize your entire production line by upgrading it with various sensors—all without imposing any requirements on the production line itself. This might include various machines from different technological generations, from the oldest (purely mechanical) to the latest generation. The Manufacturing Execution System (MES SaaS) is an AI and IoT-based solution designed specifically for the manufacturing industry to reduce scrap and increase both productivity and quality. Our Manufacturing IT solution allows for real-time guidance, direction, control, and monitoring of production by connecting directly to your distributed process automation systems.

  • Real-time analysis of production efficiency with live alerts and optimization tips
  • AI-powered QA: Analyze and increase product quality at all key points along the line
  • Reduce production downtime and maintenance costs thanks to timely maintenance
  • Innovative traceability solutions tailored for the manufacturing industry
  • Organize your workforce and increase efficiency with transparent work organization

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Augmented reality for remote maintenance

Analytics and automation have changed manufacturing operations for good. Augmented reality is an incredibly visual and interactive way to present relevant digital information in a physical environment. It helps connect employees and improve business outcomes. We provide a comprehensive, scalable, and modern AR platform to help industrial customers address workforce performance challenges and achieve business goals. Our manufacturing IT solution helps you better manage your production lines. Bring your digital and physical worlds together using industrial AR to improve productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction with real-time instructions.

  • Reduce error rates with automated, real-time work instructions.
  • Reduce costs from scrap and rework and optimize first-time fix rates.
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Accelerate the sales cycle

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SmarTruck to monitor your vehicle fleet

For optimal production processes in manufacturing, you not only need to have a constant overview of what your employees are doing but also where your vehicles are. The SmarTruck system provides you with continuous real-time information on the current position, activity, and status of forklifts and other industrial trucks involved in production and warehouse processes. For example, a centralized platform reports and collects information on the driver or operator, transported goods, the route, and other fleet management data. This manufacturing IT solution provides much more information on product handling processes, so you can analyze and optimize them to improve your logistics and reduce operating costs.

  • Fleet optimization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Vehicle operation diagnostics
  • Collision detection thanks to built-in gyroscope
  • Access management with company badge for authorized drivers

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Predictive Maintenance with IIoT Solutions

Companies in the manufacturing industry are having to transform and automate processes to remain competitive. IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) or Industry 4.0. is all about automating the manufacturing industry with intelligent communication and IT systems. This creates high-performance factories boasting excellent flexibility, efficiency, and productivity. We help remove the technical hurdles to implementing IIoT by focusing on real-world solutions that pay for themselves quickly. Get the insights you need to launch your digital transformation. A closed, real-time, problem-solving loop gives your team all the up-to-date information they need on bottlenecks, root causes, and concrete improvements to implement predictive maintenance and explore remediation opportunities.

  • Scale for new markets, improve throughput, and unlock new business models.
  • Accelerate innovation and improve the quality of your products and production processes
  • Leverage an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid approach and maximize flexibility
  • Identify hidden problems and remediation opportunities.

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SmarTruck: A success story at Waberer's

Find out how transport and logistics company Waberer’s, headquartered in Budapest and operating throughout Europe, optimized its forklift fleet management.

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