Deutsche Telekom AG
Friedrich Ebert Allee 140
53113 Bonn
Local Court Entry Bonn HRB 6794,
Company Headquarters: Bonn, Germany


Ralf Nejedl
Senior Vice President B2B Growth Europe
Hahnstraße 43
60528 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Authorized to represent

Timotheus Höttges
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Deutsche Telekom AG
Link: Profile Timotheus Höttges

Adel Al-Saleh
Board member for T-Systems
Link: Profile Adel Al-Saleh

Birgit Bohle
Chief Human Resources Officer and Labor Director
Link: Profile Birgit Bohle

Dominique Leroy
Board member for Europe
Link: Profile Dominique Leroy

Christian P. Illek
Board member for Finance (CFO)
Link: Profile Christian P. Illek

Thomas Kremer
Board member for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance
Link: Profile Thomas Kremer

Thorsten Langheim
Board member for USA and Group Development Deutsche Telekom AG
Link: Profile Thorsten Langheim

Claudia Nemat
Board member for Technology and Innovation
Link: Profile Claudia Nemat

Srini Gopalan
Board member for Germany
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Regulatory authority:

Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway
Tulpenfeld 4, 53113 Bonn, Germany

Terms and conditions

The data provided by me can be used by Deutsche Telekom AG for general customer consultation, requirements-orientated design of the services I use, advertising and market research. Transferring this data for these purposes within the scope of my consent is to be done so solely within Deutsche Telekom AG. The use of my data for the above-listed purposes cannot be done so if I withdraw my consent. Withdrawing consent can be done so either in writing or electronically, e.g., via Email, at any time.