Making Europe more digital and greener is the key challenge of our time. But this also depends on the digital transformation of governments. How can they allow employees to work remotely, offer paperless administration to citizens, and promote e-health and e-education? The answer is by going digital. We have the perfect solutions.

Whether you’re looking to improve public services or simply operate in a more environmentally friendly way, all you need are smart, secure, and cost-effective solutions that support both economic and social advancement. However, we can only do this together. That's why we offer future-proof telecommunications and IT solutions to help central governments take control of their digitalization – from secure communications to government cloud and cybersecurity – with help from our networks and infrastructure. If we zoom out, we’re helping improve the lives of entire nations and confederations, nurturing both economic and environmental growth. What’s more, the EU has already launched several initiatives to support your digital transformation. The Digital Europe Programme provides strategic funding for projects in key areas like AI, cybersecurity, and digital skills. It’s helping ensure that digital technologies are adopted and used across the economy and society. With a budget of €7.5 billion, it aims to accelerate the digitalization of Europe’s governments, societies, and economies, bringing benefits to everyone. We can help you start your digital journey now!


We all know that government needs to get more digital. So why not create an even smarter way to deliver services more efficiently, sustainably, and in a user-centric way? Plenty of benefits await.


Digital skills are needed to digitalize governments and complete end-to-end transformational projects. We provide solutions that create value.

  • Enable remote work to satisfy employees
  • Improve crisis management & communication
  • Go paperless and use digital signatures
  • Get set for the future with integrated systems and switch to the cloud


Take steps to a healthy future with digital solutions that improve services, support infrastructure, and ensure the well-being of both practitioners and patients.

  • Go paperless with e-prescriptions
  • Switch to secure electronic health records
  • Enable and improve telemedicine services
  • Provide vaccination registries and certification solutions


Providing smart digital education services is fundamental to the future wealth of a society. We help modernize academic institutions and schools so that they’re ready for a digital future.

  • Renew digital equipment for public education
  • Stay connected with our secure networks
  • Get help developing digital content
  • Strengthen the digital skills of teachers and staff


Use top-notch hardware and software, and secure it using our networks, Next Generation Hybrid Data Centers, and Security Operations Centers (SOCs).

  • Rely on fast, fixed, and mobile internet connections
  • Communicate securely via Wi-Fi and managed services
  • Use hybrid, public, and private cloud solutions
  • Secure your IT to ensure business continuity


In times of constant change, increasing needs, and rising cost pressure, central governments need to go digital to satisfy citizens and businesses. Here are some of our specific e-government solutions to help you realize the full potential of digitalization.

E-Administration & Interoperability

Transforming governments and public sectors into digital hubs is key to the success of every nation. Carrying out admin services without having to go to a specific location sounds good, doesn’t it? As citizens and businesses demand faster, more flexible, and paperless public services, governments need the right apps and platforms – not to mention perfect system interoperability. Our solutions help governments digitalize their financial management and supervision structures, and also support e.g. e-education, e-health, e-inclusion, e-culture, e-justice, and e-procurement. For example, we make it easy for you to establish data connections for a central government services center or develop an integrated taxation information system.

  • Keep employees happy by making it possible for them to work from home
  • Improve your crisis management & emergency communication
  • Centralize registers and use integrated systems and paperless documents
  • Use electronic identification systems and digital registries (e.g. sports, business, tourism)
  • Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in public services
  • Automate processes and improve decision making

E-Health & Telemedicine

Not only are we helping healthcare sectors go digital but we’re also helping develop e-health telemedicine services, making them available to more and more people. Our solutions portfolio allows you and your citizens to benefit from services such as digital health records for patients, cancer treatment/e-health programs, and hospital logistics. What’s more, we also help you strengthen your existing infrastructure and implement other digitalization projects in healthcare, e.g. introducing a unified hospital information system.

  • Digital signatures and paperless transactions
  • Paperless e-prescription and e-dispensation
  • Telemedicine (e.g. therapeutic protocols, medical appointments)
  • Electronic health records and chronic patients’ registry
  • Vaccination certification and registry (e.g. Covid-19)

E-Learning & Education

Constantly expanding knowledge in society is one of the main tasks of digitally enabled governments. Getting smarter is crucial to success for people of all ages. We help digitalize internal processes, content, tools, and forms of education to modernize academic institutions and schools so they can provide secure services to pupils and students. With a little help from fast internet connections and devices, we make e-learning possible and support you in developing and strengthening the digital skills needed for efficient teacher-student and student-student cooperation.

  • Digital equipment and services for schools and academic institutions
  • Upgrading digital infrastructure, equipment, and services for public education
  • Smart and secure connections via internet access and e-learning equipment
  • Developing digital content (e.g. textbooks with digital elements)
  • Strengthening teachers’ and students' foreign language and digital skills

Cybersecurity & Cloud

Challenging times call for the best technology. Our solutions help you automate processes, supercharge performance, and protect everything with our infrastructure – from high-speed networks and connectivity solutions to next-generation hybrid data centers and cloud services to high security for data and devices based on our Identity-Protect-Defend approach and Security Operations Centers all across Europe. Start your digital journey now!

  • Creation and development of data connections for central governments
  • Creating an e-government cloud infrastructure to consolidate existing and new IT
  • Future-proof combination of hybrid, public, and private cloud solutions
  • Modern digital infrastructure (e.g. Wi-Fi, Managed services, unified communication)
  • Maximum cybersecurity (e.g. Anti DDoS, threat intelligence, secure device management)


 What is digital EU funding?

Going digital has a big impact in both private lives and business environments. While our solutions are helping governments go digital, the EU “DIGITAL" funding program is also providing support to bring digital technology to the public sector, businesses, and citizens.

The European Commission has already begun to look at ways to make the EU greener in light of the European Green Deal. The COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted how important it is to avoid any dependency on systems and solutions from other regions around the world. That’s why the EU “DIGITAL" funding program aims to not only support projects in supercomputing, AI, cybersecurity, and advanced digital skills but also ensure digital technologies are used across society. The program is part of the next long-term EU budget for 2021-2027 and has a budget of €7.5 billion. It aims to accelerate and shape the digital transformation of governments, society, and the economy (Source: European Commission, 2022). Contact us to learn more!

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