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We help businesses of all sizes and in every sector take control of their digital transformation with advanced cloud solutions that help them stay competitive in today’s fast-changing market environment. We make digitalization simple by delivering top-notch security, flexibility, scalability, and cost savings, and adapting IT to suit everyone’s needs.

Are you ready to digitalize your business? Our cloud solutions cover all bases – from highly standardized to hugely customized. Because in an increasingly digital world, only things like cloud services can help you stay competitive. Our digital and cloud services provide highly available IT resources for industries, small and medium-sized enterprises, and the public sector. We’re your one-stop shop to harness the digital evolution with top-notch expertise, certified partnerships with cloud providers, and fully managed private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions and services. Our experts provide all the support you need to lead your company down this amazing road, following a structured step-by-step approach and a clear cloud adoption framework. Start your journey now.


With an unwavering focus on providing scalable infrastructure, IT security, and reliable, fast connections and networks, our customized cloud solutions keep your business competitive in the economy of the future and enable you to take control of your digital transformation. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can expect.

Get ready
for the future

Strengthen your business with advanced and highly available cloud solutions to meet the growing demands of tomorrow’s customer-centric world.

  • Professional cloud consulting
  • Implement modern cloud services fast
  • Profit from certified cloud partnerships
  • Take the digital lead in your industry

you like

Get cloud ready with our assessment services to ensure that you’re using modern apps and best-in-class cloud solutions cost-effectively and profitably.

  • Accelerate your cloudification process
  • Benefit from a data-driven cloud strategy
  • Use cloud-native apps to drive growth
  • Establish comprehensive cloud governance

sales success

Grow with and alongside state-of-the-art cloud solutions for more efficient processes and satisfy all customers to grow your business.

  • Stay competitive in all sales activities
  • Save time & costs to boost productivity
  • Satisfy next-generation customers
  • Scale your business for more profit

your business

Ensure business continuity for sustainable growth in your industry or sector and keep your employees onboard with extensive cloud security solutions.

  • Do business securely with the cloud
  • Protect your data, systems, and processes
  • Enable authorized IT use from anywhere
  • Ensure compliance with EU data protection laws


Business models are constantly changing. But how can our cloud computing solutions help? Well, we take into account how you develop and market your products, how you manage your customer experience, and how you enable your employees to shape the company's future Discover our three-pronged approach to support your cloud journey.

Business Environment


With such a wide range of solutions currently available in the market and new technology constantly being developed, it’s crucial to focus on what’s relevant to you. We help you realize the full potential of cloud solutions by tailoring them to your unique needs and digital transformation strategy.

Business Environment

The specific characteristics of your industry, competitors, product life cycles, and market volatility all influence how innovative and flexible your company can be. And your market environment will affect how you transform your business. The framework in which your company can operate therefore has to take all of these factors into account.


Your organization’s culture, size, and structure define what changes are necessary, so it’s important to involve key decision-makers. They can check whether decision-making processes, collaboration, team structures, and management are ready for the demands of the digital age. We provide solutions that support this process and help you improve your internal operations by looking at your organization as a whole.


Modern cloud solutions set you up perfectly for the economy of the future and enable you to take control of your digital transformation. Our end-to-end cloud migration framework is designed to make sure you find the solution that’s right for you. It establishes a holistic approach, guides you into and through the digital age, and provides structure to all aspects of the process – from discovery stage all the way to managing your transformed operations. Let's see what your cloud journey will look like. Ready?



Get digitalized with Deutsche Telekom Cloud Services

Join the digital transformation with us: As the cloud competence center, built at Deutsche Telekom, we establish cloud computing as part of your IT strategy.

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