Data is the new gold and companies that use, analyze, interpret, and integrate internal and external data resources into processes are fueling future growth. We help you leverage the full potential of big data analytics tools to optimize processes, products, and customer relations – not to mention data monetization.

In the digital age, organizations that can turn data into benefits have a clear competitive advantage. Big data analytics tools like our Data Intelligence Hub (DIH) allow you to not only manage information securely but also monetize your data. The aim is simple: Optimize your value chain and future-proof your business model. And while you’re doing all that, we’re busy ensuring you enjoy the highest security standards and complete data sovereignty. What’s more, we also offer IoT platforms that monitor IoT devices to help you implement complex IoT projects. And last but not least, we help you get the best out of data-driven marketing, e.g. by using marketing platforms to create targeted ad campaigns. In short, big data analytics help solidify your position as a provider of customer-oriented products and open up completely new business models and revenue streams.


Leverage big data analytics tools to ensure your competitiveness and compliance with the highest data security standards. Take a look at what our data monetization solutions can do for you.


Don’t just share it, use it: our Data Intelligence Hub (DIH) allows you to organize and analyze data to uncover insights and monetize your data. It’s an incredibly easy way to create new revenue streams.

  • Use our big data analysis specialists and tools to convert data into business-relevant insights
  • Tap into additional sources of income by monetizing your data
  • Create new and competitive business models


Would you like to use data to reach customers and promote specific solutions? Our web-based platforms allow you to easily and efficiently launch text ad campaigns whenever you like.

  • Identify and reach customers and employees
  • Promote specific products, services, or locations
  • Geo-location text messages campaigns
  • Pre-paid, credit-based, data-driven marketing solutions and services (e.g. Market Locator)


Implementing IoT projects can be complicated. But we make it easy with IoT platforms that connect heterogeneous systems to keep an eye on different IoT sensors, clouds, and dashboards.

  • Manage and control your IoT devices & assets
  • Collect, store, and visualize your data
  • Share dashboards with your customers
  • Define rule chains for data processing
  • All IoT data stays in highly secure networks


Our big data analytics solutions provide the infrastructure for secure transmission along your entire data value chain. Collect and analyze valuable information in a fully secure environment.

  • Data protection provided by the decentral reference architecture of Data Intelligence Hub
  • Multi-certified infrastructure that complies with strict data privacy regulations
  • Common encryption methods for TCP and UDP with our IoT platforms


Our big data analytics tools can help you become even more competitive in the digital age and grow your business using data monetization and data-driven technologies like IoT.


Data is the new gold – and you can mine it with our Data Intelligence Hub (DIH). This ecosystem for big data exchange and analytics acts as an interface for big data management – something that was missing in the market up to now. Our innovative platform allows you to securely and efficiently exchange, process, and analyze data while retaining full sovereignty over it. We’re also aiming to develop new data-driven services and applications for machine learning or artificial intelligence that allow you to seize opportunities, gain insights, and boost profits.

  • Data marketplace for more than 1 million open and commercial data sources
  • Benefit from a wide range of analytics services and AI-supported data analysis tools
  • DIH connector for local P2P data exchange for monitoring data usage in detail
  • All DIH content can be integrated into existing user interfaces via API
  • Highest data security standards provided by a decentral multi-certified architecture


These solutions help you easily execute data-driven marketing campaigns whenever you need using a web-based self-service platform for targeted text marketing aimed at B2B customers. As a pre-paid, credit-based service, solutions like Market Locator allow you to use e.g. SMS targeting based on location and/or other customer characteristics totaling almost 70 targeting criteria. With a wide variety of customers from all B2B segments, the platform is the perfect tool to identify and reach potential customers or employees, promote specific products or services, or gauge foot traffic in a given location.

  • Effective text message campaigns to customers
  • Integrated reporting and success data analytics
  • Online chat and support as well as free video-tutorials
  • Customer database updated daily


Don't be fooled. Implementing IoT projects is like a labyrinth: a system of paths with branches, intersections, and dead ends – making it easy to lose your bearings. The main reason for all this confusion is the sheer number of heterogeneous components – a wide range of different devices, protocols, networks, clouds, and applications. But we bring order by providing IoT platform solutions (e.g. IoT Hub, Thingsboard) that connect heterogeneous systems so you can keep an eye on important IoT sensors, clouds, and dashboards. Manage devices, collect and visualize big data, create workflows, and ensure data security with our solutions for big IoT data analytics.

  • Dashboard with all clear view of all key metrics
  • IoT data, devices, and applications in one system
  • Networking of clouds, protocols, and technologies
  • Standardized interfaces and common encryption methods for TCP and UDP


What is
big data

Big data analytics is the process of collecting, organizing, and analyzing large sets of data (called big data) for insights like hidden patterns, market trends, and customer preferences to help organizations and companies make better decisions.

Put simply, big data analytics helps organizations understand the information contained in pre-existing or collected data. It’s typically performed using specialized software, tools, and applications for predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, forecasting, and data optimization. Examples include our Data Intelligence Hub (DIH) – an ecosystem for data exchange and analytics which acts as an interface for big data management – IoT platforms used to manage different sensors, clouds, and dashboards (e.g. IoT Hub, Thingsboard), and marketing solutions for ad campaigns (e.g. Market Locator). All in all, big data analytics allow organizations monetize their data and create customer-centric solutions and new business models to increase their revenues.


Make Cities Smarter

Make Cities Smarter

Our Data Intelligence Hub allows cities to provide data to their citizens using a self-service model. Communities, companies, and start-ups can then use available data to create new values and business models, helping the city prosper.

Optimize Logistics Chains

Optimize Logistics Chains

Logistics providers often want to make shipping routes more transparent to make arrival times more predictable and reduce waiting times for onward transport. Our Data Intelligence Hub is the perfect tool for the job.

Accelerate Production Processes

Accelerate Production Processes

Different material descriptions from different companies along the production chain make it difficult to exchange information. But this is where the Data Intelligence Hub comes in by providing a B2B mapping service to help accelerate processes and automate the flow of information.

Optimize Building Utilization

Optimize Building Utilization

Landlords often struggle with empty rental properties. This inefficient use of space is often caused by delayed, incomplete, or opaque occupancy information. Our Data Intelligence Hub merges data from internal systems for proactive analysis.

Shape Supply Chains

Shape Supply Chains

Our Data Intelligence Hub can receive and display encrypted data from external IoT platforms. What’s more, it also supports AI-aided analysis tools for forecasting supply processes. Put simply, this allows both producers and suppliers to optimize their businesses.

Reduce Air Pollution

Reduce Air Pollution

Our Data Intelligence Hub can collect data from official readings and other sensors to create a comprehensive picture of a region’s air quality. You can even take things a step further by enriching it with information about the weather, local construction sites, current traffic levels, and tree density for improved forecasting.


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