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Get cloud ready and accelerate your journey into the cloud with our assessment services – complete with best-in-class tools and expertise. Checking your existing IT infrastructure and applications provides a comprehensive overview that we can use to create a tailor-made and strategic road map to move your business into the future.

More than 75% of mid-size and large organizations adopted a multi-cloud strategy by 2021 (source: Capgemini). More and more enterprises are moving to cloud solutions, but they often need guidance on which applications are best suited to the cloud and why. It all starts by assessing the existing infrastructure and applications in your company. We help you evaluate cloud services as part of your business strategy. Our cloud readiness assessment services help you identify which apps you can move and also highlight the operating models, processes, and technologies you need to use with cloud technology. What’s more, vendor-agnostic analysis can help you plan how to migrate your business using the best solutions. In short, our cloud readiness assessment helps accelerate your entire cloud adoption journey.


We get you ready for a cloudified future and evaluate your cloud readiness by scanning your entire IT and application landscape with dedicated tools, identifying which IT infrastructure, platforms, or applications you can move to the cloud, and detailing how you stand to benefit.

cloud readiness

We help you check whether you’re ready for the cloud and provide assessment services for all of your infrastructure and apps.

  • Comprehensive analysis of cloud readiness
  • Check your entire international server landscape
  • Identify risks and create a clear plan of action
  • Scan and compare cloud-ready applications

existing systems

If you’re already in the cloud, are you sure that everything is running as smoothly as it could? Have you fully exploited all the potential it offers? We help you evaluate and improve your existing systems.

  • Examine infrastructure, servers, platforms, and apps
  • Check availability, security, and performance
  • Analyze significant issues or cost factors
  • Rehost, rebuild, or replace your cloud strategy

Save costs
and drive growth

The digital world is moving ahead full stream. Fortunately, we not only help enterprises understand which apps are cloud ready and why, but also how the cloud can benefit them.

  • Reduce the time to assess apps for cloud readiness by 60%
  • Decrease the time for business case and cloud cost analysis by 40%
  • Create a cloud computing strategy that’s aligned with your business strategy

Prepare to
move with top tools

As everything goes digital, more and more companies are using cloud solutions, but they need to know which apps are cloud ready and why.

  • Overall cloud readiness assessment services, including re-architecture & re-deployment scenarios
  • Roadmap recommendations for the cloud based on focused business cases
  • Best practices, tools, and frameworks for a detailed map of cloud migration opportunities

Create a
governance concept

Any journey without a destination is aimless. That’s why it's important to create a vision of the future using a cloud governance framework.

  • Maximize app availability with maximum security
  • Guarantee hardware and software deployments follow company policies
  • Limit security risks and automate audit compliance
  • Ensure transparency of all cloud services costs


The world is changing and so is business – evolving towards collecting and processing digital data. And this data is key to creating a strong brand and keeping up with the competition. As such, company expectations of internal information systems are also evolving. That’s why our IT services focus on secure and flexible solutions for cloud readiness.


Building and maintaining cloud-ready infrastructure that your business systems can rely on usually means spending a lot of time and money. But imagine if you could instead spend it on value-adding activities that could be a real game-changer for your business. How can you do that? Simple: Move your infrastructure to the cloud to reduce costs, improve data security, and boost productivity. We analyze your entire (inter)national server landscape with automated tools handled by our cloud experts. This reveals all the key details about operating systems and makes it easy to assess cloud readiness. What’s more, we also highlight any risks and suggest ways to minimize them.

  • AS IS Detailed Inventory including technology stack details (OS, CPU, RAM, DB, etc.)
  • Inventory & network flow analysis (traffic flow and ports communication)
  • Target architecture at Microsoft Azure for file and app servers including a detailed rationale for selecting solutions in terms of cloud readiness (high-level Infrastructure including infra sizing based on performance metrics and recommendations on tools)


Are you looking for the right cloud-ready technology to transform your business? Would you like to include your data, processes, and user experience? Then check out our cloud application assessment tools that help drive business and secure sustainable growth. We prepare a migration strategy for you based on the results of the assessment. Are you unsure whether your apps are suitable for a Lift & Shift approach? Or perhaps you’re unsure whether you should be planning Re-factoring or Retiring? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We provide detailed recommendations for optimal cloud readiness based on in-depth analysis.

  • Cloud feasibility & network flow analysis
  • Environment assessment & application dependency
  • Migration plan including application move groups, migration waves
  • TCO calculation, cloud comparison & business case for the cloud
  • Remote support to setup rapid adopt


Why do you need a cloud governance framework if you already have existing policies that govern on-premise IT environments? Well, that’s simple: It’s an iterative process and you need to complement those policies. Learn about the key areas you need to focus on to get cloud ready, e.g. documenting evolving business risks and risk tolerance (based on data classification and application criticality), converting risk decisions into policy statements to establish cloud adoption boundaries, and establishing processes to monitor violations and adherence to corporate policies. These policies serve as the early warning system to flag potential problems and help your organization address any risks so that it can get cloud ready in the best possible way.

  • Evaluate and monitor e.g. cloud costs, limit IT spend, scale to meet needs, and more
  • Ensure compliance with IT Security requirements by applying a security baseline
  • Resource consistency by enforcing practices for on-boarding, recovery and more
  • Define the baseline for identity and access by consistently applying e.g. role definitions
  • Accelerate deployment through centralization, consistency, and standardization



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