Nowadays, banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies have to invest in the digital future to master challenges like winning and retaining customers, reducing operational costs, digitalizing offices, and using data and process automation efficiently. But how can they find the ideal partner – not to mention the perfect banking and financial solutions for their needs?

We’re here to help guide you through your digital transformation and can provide a wide range of reliable technologies. Our banking and financial solutions help you improve your digital customer experience, increase your productivity, and improve your cybersecurity so you can navigate the digital business world safely and successfully. By using modern technologies like the cloud and process automation tools, you can modernize apps, monetize data, and enable your employees to get the most out of new hybrid work models. This helps you stay competitive as a digital company and employer. We also use our own network and data centers with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to keep everything secure based on our Identity-Protect-Defend model. So let’s take the first steps of your company’s digital future together with our banking and financial solutions made for success.


Top-notch banking and finance solutions are exactly what you need to retain both customers and employees, and master important challenges like digitalization, modern working models, and sustainable business practices.


Traditional call centers are using more and more innovative banking and financial solutions. We help your company improve your interactions with clients and make online communication feel as personal as talking face-to-face.

  • Excite customers with user-friendly technologies
  • Use solutions like the OneStop Portal to offer premier banking services to end clients, anytime and anywhere
  • Interract with end clients via omnichannel communication platforms and modern cloud-based contact centers
  • Enjoy secure video conferencing and collaboration tools



Our banking, finance, and insurance solutions provide employees with easy access to company data while keeping it secure, allowing teams to communicate with each other from anywhere.

  • Enjoy smart control and management of your network with software-defined technologies (e.g. SD-WAN, SD- LAN, SD-Wi-Fi)
  • Provide secure and stable connectivity
  • Increase cloud performance and decrease costs
  • Make secure and cost-efficient calls from any device


Financial businesses are 300 times more likely to be targeted by cybersecurity attacks. That’s why we not only protect you with tailored banking and finance solutions but also secure your organization’s infrastructure from end to end.

  • Benefit from secure and reliable end-to-end solutions
  • Identify threats with our IT security assessment
  • Protect yourself from DDoS attacks by monitoring activity in our Security Operations Center
  • Defend your business continuity with lightning-fast threat intelligence (Fraudulent Domain Monitoring, etc.)


Going digital is a matter of “when", not “if" in the digital age. And cloud computing is the best way to keep up with the incredibly fast pace of technological development these days. We can guide you through the entire cloud assessment and migration process.

  • Assess cloud readiness
  • Identify which infrastructure, platforms, or apps can be moved to the cloud
  • Migrate to private, public, or hybrid cloud
  • Modernize your apps and infrastructure
  • Use data analysis for strategic decisions
  • Cloud-based contact centers and more




Discover our wide range of banking and finance solutions to improve your customer relationships, secure your business, and harness the latest technology.

OneStop Portal for the Customer Experience

The OneStop Portal from our Partner Moxtra helps end clients access premier services from banks – anytime, anywhere. The Client Management Dashboard makes it easy to manage customer interaction workflows and team KPIs. It boasts a range of great features that offer support for the entire customer journey – from managing client interactions to discussions, approvals, and transactions. Benefit from a centralized landscape, just-in-time service delivery, and faster response times to increase your revenues, close more deals, and complete more transactions. Last but not least, all interactions are recorded in one place, ensuring everything is easy to audit and MIFID II-compliant. Features include:

  • Customer Click & Connect (easy access to a personal advisor)
  • Messaging, document collaboration, and digital signature
  • Approval and transaction management

Omnichannel Communication Platform

The Omnichannel Communication Platform from our partner Infobip helps you boost customer communication via Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, and others. AI and machine learning are replacing many traditional bank employees. And you can use this technology to improve customer engagement with personalized messages, run a cloud-based contact center solution, and support clients with chatbots. What’s more, using a single banking and financial solution for all channels with 24/7 support helps you enhance lead generation and reduce costs.

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Personalize content in preferred channels
  • Benefit from seamless 2-way communication between agents and end users (e.g. via a chatbot)
  • Reach customers any time on the right channel

Software-Defined Solutions for Safe Connections

Software-defined solutions (SD-X) such as SD-WAN, SD-LAN, and SD-Wi-Fi are an architecture approach that allows software applications to intelligentially control or ‘program’ networks from a central source. Our banking and finance solution helps you manage entire networks consistently and holistically, regardless of the underlying network technology.

  • Centralized network/security and lower operating costs
  • Utilize multiple and different underlying connectivity (internet, MPLS, 4G, 5G, etc.)
  • Cloud performance acceleration and traffic directly from the user to the cloud
  • Excellent customer experience and improved network visibility (traffic monitoring)

End-To-End-Security for maximum protection

We protect your data and your customers’ data as well as networks, systems, and processes to assure business continuity by following our Identify-Protect-Defend (IPD) model. We start by assessing your security posture to identify threats and prepare a security strategy. The journey continues by implementing measures to protect your organization, efficiently detect threats, and defend your competitiveness.

  • Identification of possible threats with our cybersecurity assessment
  • Protection against DDoS attacks with our Security Operations Centers (SOCs)
  • Defend your business continuity with threat intelligence (fraudulent domain monitoring, cyber threat newsletter, credential leakage monitoring, etc.)

Finance cloud solutions for a competitive edge

The best way to improve internal operations, optimize costs, and modernize applications is to use modern cloud computing technology. Telekom Business Europe is your trusted partner, providing a best-in-class cloud migration framework at all levels with a holistic approach. We create a step-by-step migration strategy to ensure your cloud readiness and use top-notch experts, automated tools, and data center services as well as certified partnerships, to modernize your organization and drive your digital evolution.

  • Guidance for your entire cloud journey with help from top-notch experts
  • Assessment of cloud readiness by scanning your entire IT and app landscape
  • Efficient cloud migration and the best private, public, or hybrid solution
  • App modernization and use of our Next Generation Hybrid Data Center

Data Intelligence Hub (DIH) for Data Monetization

Data is the new gold – and you can mine it with the Data Intelligence Hub. Our innovative platform for banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies makes it easy to securely and efficiently exchange, process, and analyze data while retaining full sovereignty over it. We’re constantly striving to develop new data-driven services and applications for machine learning and artificial intelligence that allow you to seize opportunities, gain insights, and boost profits.

  • Secure marketplace for data, data analysis tools, and algorithms
  • Interface that connects providers and users of data
  • Improved business performance and new business areas


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