Smart cities are the future. Former mayor of Denver, Wellington E. Webb, once said “the 19th century was a century of empires. The 20th century was a century of states. The 21st century will be a century of cities". And we improve the economic power and quality of life in cities by providing sustainable smart city solutions for all your needs.

The Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and lightning fast 5G networks are revolutionizing both companies and entire regions. Along with local governments, cities are now using innovative digital, connectivity, cloud and cybersecurity solutions to reap all the benefits of these technologies, including data monetization, location services, and mobile city apps to boost economic activity, move to more sustainable practices, and improve both public safety and quality of life for citizens. So that everyone can enjoy these benefits, Telekom Business Europe provides a wide range of smart city solutions, including smart traffic and transport management, e-mobility services such as electric vehicle charging (EVC) options, and bike sharing, safe 5G networks, data monetization services, sustainable waste management, public safety, and cybersecurity services. In short, we help you to realize the full digitalization potential of building a successful and sustainable future for your citizens, institutions, and industries.


Take a look at how you can benefit from our smart city solutions – helping you save resources, increase the quality of life for citizens, attract visitors, and support the economy.


We help regions go digital and build smart cities for the future, so everyone can benefit from better economies, a healthier environment, and improved safety.

  • Digitalize to improve economic development
  • Make city administration ready for the digital future
  • Get future-ready with City app and data  monetization
  • Manage tourism, transport, and traffic sustainably


We make breathing the air of the future possible. Smart city solutions are key to cleaner air, reduced energy consumption, and climate-friendly transportation.

  • Monitor air quality
  • Optimize waste management
  • Utilize smart metering and lighting solutions
  • Provide e-mobility solutions like e-vehicle-charging (EVC)


Urbanization is causing new challenges like increased traffic and strained public transport. We provide location services for smart cities, so you can manage everything at a regional level.

  • Opt for a smart traffic and transport management
  • Improve smart parking for citizens and tourists
  • Offer smart bike and e-mobility technologies
  • Optimize public transport based on location data


As more and more cities start to benefit from digitalization, security becomes more and more important. We provide top-notch IT security for smart cities, ensuring everyone can live a secure and happy life.

  • Improve public safety with video surveillance
  • Rely on smart lighting for safer roads and places
  • Use fast 5G networks to improve healthcare and economic activity
  • Secure your IT with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions



What is a
smart city?

At Telekom Business Europe, we see smart cities as ecosystems made possible by the digitalization of public services with ICT-based solutions. These ecosystems ultimately improve the quality of life for their citizens, attract visitors, and support economic development.

Just look at the numbers: every week, three million people worldwide move into cities (Source: International Organization for Migration, WORLD MIGRATION REPORT), which means the number of urban residents is set to increase to 6.5 billion by 2050 – at which point two out of three people will live in cities. Digital and ICT-based solutions can help tackle many of the challenges that lie ahead and make cities smarter at both a local and regional level. These smart cities not only save more energy and resources but also increase the quality of life for their citizens and help local companies grow securely, sustainably, and successfully.


Everyone benefits from a smart city – citizens, visitors, start-ups, and big industries. We provide smart city solutions to satisfy them all. Here’s an overview of our portfolio.



Our Smart City Platform solution helps cities understand and visualize (on a dashboard) what’s going on so that they can act accordingly. You can use it to steer a city in much the same way a driver uses a car’s dashboard – but with even more flexibility. Improved control over large volumes of varied and rapidly changing data helps you identify trends impacting your city day to day.What’s more, the platform can provide new types of analytics and is divided into several sections, each designed for the different roles required in a smart city.

  • Central data collection and device management solutions
  • Integrate with various data sources to improve decision making
  • Show your progress visually for public presentations
  • Implement and use city app services


Analysis and evaluation in a Smart City platform are crucial in creating actionable insights and highlighting key information from urban data. Municipal authorities are currently going digital as per EU requirements to provide “open data": the goal is to share data with citizens, industry, and entrepreneurs to promote transparency, co-operation, and engagement. We help cities ascertain what data can be made available, what data is privacy protected, and what data should be tracked for monetization purposes.

  • Get insights into the movements of tourists, citizens, and traffic
  • Provide digital signs as information points for citizens and tourists
  • Optimize traffic planning and parking to attract visitors and companies
  • Use air quality measurements e.g. for cities and local marketing



Our Smart Waste Management Solution is designed to help utility companies improve services related to waste collection. The solution makes it possible to create cleaner cities while reducing costs, improving the visibility of issues experienced during collection, and enabling new and innovative charging schemes. It also provides detailed information on the fill status of containers, allowing for dynamic routing to help reduce unnecessary transport costs. The same feature can help cities ensure that containers don’t overflow, ensuring a positive experience for both citizens and tourists.

  • Benefit from end-to-end digitalization for waste collection
  • Reduce costs and labor with fully automated fill-level sensors
  • Help protect the environment by preventing containers from overflowing
  • Comply with EU directives on bin identification, simplify “pay as you throw" models, and improve the handling of irregular filling


The low-cost and extremely low energy consumption of Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) modules – a new cellular communication technology for many “simple" IoT and smart city applications—paves the way for mass distribution of IoT devices and enables solutions like smart metering. Signals from NB-IoT modules can pass through buildings, allowing data to be sent to places where existing mobile networks offer poor coverage, e.g. cellars or underground parking lots.

  • Remote reading of utility meters
  • Reduce logistic costs for utility providers
  • Offers comprehensive indoor/underground coverage
  • NB-IoT modules boasts an extremely long battery life


Our Air Quality Monitoring solution measures and tracks air quality status, supporting smart cities by gathering information to determine whether they are meeting national environmental laws and public health regulations. It’s simple to install, and the field hardware requires nothing more than a power and internet connection. The remote monitoring terminal uses available networks (Wi-Fi, 3G/2G) and sends data to a cloud application. Our smart city solution can be used to supplement any existing or standalone solution, and helps cities both identify the root causes of air pollution and track the impact of public policy changes.

  • Comply with EU directives
  • Serve local directives and tourism
  • Help protect the environment
  • Generate significant savings
  • Increase the life expectancy of citizens



We help smart cities make public transportation easier to use and more reliable. Our modular solutions are easy to customize, so you can create a unique solution to fit your unique requirements. They support all the basic processes of a public transport network, from planning to daily operation, and allow you to analyze data to ensure everything runs smoothly on your bustling city streets. What’s more, innovative services like smart bike sharing solutions give citizens a new to get around, bringing benefits for businesses, residents, and tourists.

  • Support public transportation planning (network, traffic calendar, etc.)
  • Smart traffic management by monitoring vehicle positions and more
  • Green light request feature for a green path for public transportation
  • Provide passenger information and an improved ticketing vending
  • Use bike sharing solutions (bikes, docking stations, sharing app, etc.)


Our Smart Parking solution helps smart cities cut down driving time, reduce pollution, and lower the risk of citizens not following public parking policy. The basic version allows you to see which parking spaces are occupied/unoccupied and display this information on both parking signs and a smartphone app. The more advanced version, however, includes parking permits (residential, disabled drivers, taxis, coaches, and delivery vehicles) and parking violations.

  • Reduce both traffic and pollution with faster access to parking lots
  • Clear view of citywide parking by combining public and private parking information
  • Payment, enforcement, parking permits, occupancy & vehicle identification
  • Data on the impact of public parking policy and parking behavior


Our smart Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) solutions combine charging infrastructure with easy-to-use software so that connected e-mobility service providers (EMSPs) can offer features like charging station filtering, advance booking, and payment for charging. The solution supports both public and private customers in selecting and deploying charging infrastructure to meet their individual needs (Fast AC and Ultra-Fast DC). Telekom Business Europe supports charging infrastructure with a state-of-the-art cloud-based management platform that provides information on the availability of infrastructure to electric vehicle drivers in real time.

  • Reselling of electric vehicle chargers and charge point operator services
  • Add benefits for e-mobility service providers to attract customers
  • Increase benefits for parking lot owners with new charging services
  • Improve the experience for e-vehicle drivers with easy-to-use services
  • Comply with environmental regulations by promoting the use of e-vehicles



Public safety is one of the most important services a city offers, as safer cities attract the investment, business, and skilled labor for economic growth. Our Smart Public Safety solution helps cities use networked video surveillance in combination with a wide range of state-of-the-art video analytics modules to cost-effectively enhance the efficiency of law enforcement and improve overall safety. Most importantly though, our easy-to-use video surveillance and analytics tools support city officials and employees in their everyday work.

  • Benefit from a wide range of video analytics modules for surveillance
  • Video Enhancer to optimize raw video data
  • Intrusion Detector provides alerts when vehicles enter critical areas
  • People Counter records the number of people passing through a defined area
  • Traffic Analyzer Direction Control detects if vehicles are moving in the correct direction


Our Smart Street Lighting Management solution helps cities reduce energy bills, maintenance costs, and greenhouse gas emissions while improving safety. You can use this smart city solution to program lighting cycles and define criteria for different dimming schedules based on area type (residential, industrial, city center), events (markets, football matches), and different situations (low traffic times).

  • Reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Make citizens feel safer by helping reduce accidents
  • Monitor and analyze performance via a web portal
  • Comply with policies and reduce greenhouse gas emissions



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