Get work done at any time and from anywhere, standalone or with teams: our New Work solutions for remote or hybrid work make it possible. We give organizations of all sizes everything they need for modern digital workplaces – from hardware to cloud tools and unparalleled connectivity for 24/7 business.

More and more employees are working digitally, flexibly, and on the go. It’s still unclear exactly how this will change our working world. What is clear, however, is that employees of the future will work both on-site at office premises and remotely. The advantages are obvious: New Work models allow teams, customers, and partners to work together productively from anywhere in the world, helping organizations reach new heights. What’s more, they also help companies position themselves as attractive employers utilizing innovative technology and employee-friendly working models. We provide organizations, companies, and SMEs with the latest tablet/laptop hardware and cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 tools like Teams to help them get the most out of New Work.


Whether you’re working remotely or with hybrid models, we help you maximize the benefits of New Work – no matter whether you’re a large organization or a small business.


Leverage our solutions and services to secure and increase your competitiveness as an organization and employer. We provide the latest technology for New Work so you can get ahead of the competition.

  • Become a digital pioneer in your business
  • Increase your productivity with digital tools
  • Optimize collaborative work from anywhere
  • Become an attractive and forward-thinking employer


We help companies work and communicate from anywhere by providing the latest collaboration and remote work tools so that employees and employers can perform at their best.

  • Work from anywhere with cloud-based tools
  • Increase efficiency with Microsoft Office 365
  • Meet and communicate via email, chat, and video
  • Benefit from our 1st level helpdesk support


The best software runs most efficiently on the best devices—especially when combined with excellent connectivity for that ‘in-the-office’ feel. This package is key to business success and your digital future.

  • Benefit from premium tablets, laptops, printers, etc.
  • Stay safely connected via SIM/integrated internet
  • Save resources with our installation services
  • Get the latest updates for top performance

GOING 24/7

Work safely and securely from everywhere with IT security solutions from the leading experts in Europe. We help you accurately identify cyber risks, protect your data and infrastructure, and defend business continuity.

  • Use our extensive and secure network and data centers
  • Maximum IT security with our Identify-Protect-Defend model
  • Secure all your sensitive corporate and customer data, emails, etc.
  • Ensure business continuity with risk monitoring, backups, etc.




Help your business progress from anywhere and get the most out of New Work with a wide range of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools, not to mention premium mobile hardware.


Improved productivity and optimized workflows: Microsoft 365 ensures that everyone can hit the ground running – whether they’re working from home or in the office. The complete solution boasts Office applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Teams, and Sharepoint. What’s more, security is also included. Whether you want to host online meetings or video calls for improved teamwork, communicate via emails, or draft a presentation, you can do it all easily using apps installed on your PC, laptop, or smartphone. You can also access each program using a browser, and regular updates ensure trouble-free work.

  • All-in-one cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 package that can be used from anywhere
  • Regular updates ensure you always have the latest version of Microsoft Office products
  • Well-known solutions such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many more
  • Microsoft Teams to communicate, meet, and work together over chat, voice, or video
  • Microsoft Sharepoint for professional, collaborative, and mobile document management


As businesses become more complex, users need to be able to work on specific tasks whenever and wherever suits them, e.g. at remote locations on their own devices. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD, formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop) is a system for virtualizing Windows operating systems based on the Azure cloud platform, allowing you to provide virtualized desktops and applications for employees. Security comes first, which is why Microsoft Azure processes all data and employee devices are only used to access the internet. This means that no matter where users are or what device they’re using, they can access all the apps they need to work effectively within a New Work model.

  • Work anywhere with a full Windows virtual work environment
  • All data processed and stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud for maximum security
  • Use your existing Microsoft licenses with Azure Virtual Desktop
  • We recommend Microsoft 365 and can help you get set up quickly by migrating existing data
  • We can provide extensive support at any time for effective New Work and 24/7 business


Access the latest and most advanced mobile devices, e.g. laptops and tablets, to help you get the most out of your software tools and New Work. Our experts are on hand to advise you on what specific solution will work best for your business. What’s more, we provide end-to-end support – from onboarding and support plans all the way to our replacement service for your hardware. Combine this with additional accessories like mobile keyboards and pens as well as secure connectivity, SIM cards, and mobile data packages so that you and your employees can easily reap all the benefits of New Work.

  • Professional equipment for digital offices, remote workers, or coworking spaces
  • Premium hardware such as tablets, laptops, and printers with SIM solutions and mobile data
  • Magenta1Business for 24/7 business with fix BB, fix voice, voice SIM, and data SIM


What is
New Work?

“New Work" describes a new way of working in a global and digital age. Its values autonomy, freedom, and participation. Driven by technologies and events such as the Covid-19-pandemic, New Work is on the rise bringing with it mobile, remote, and hybrid work.

All three models allow employees to work from home or on the road without having to be physically present in their employer’s office every day. It’s still unclear exactly how this will change our working world. What is certain, however, is that new remote and hybrid work models are here to stay and are quickly becoming the “New Normal". Our task now is therefore to shape them together to create an even better and more successful future for companies, employees, and societies as a whole. That’s why Telekom Business Europe provides a wide range of secure, innovative IT and telco solutions and services for digital workplaces, allowing organizations to realize the full potential of New Work.

1 in 2


won't return to jobs that don't offer new remote working models or technologies (Source: European SME survey 2019)

million people worldwide

use Microsoft Teams daily, a business communication platform for chat and video conferencing (Source: Statista)

of work in Europe’s

leading economies could continue to be done remotely, even after the pandemic (Source: McKinsey & Company)

How to work remotely with Modern Workplace

We take advantage of modern technology so that you can work efficiently, quickly, and safely. No matter your age, working style, or where you are, we make it easy for you to work efficiently.

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