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Modern businesses depend on fast and secure internet connections. Direct Internet Access (DIA) and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) are two great solutions to ensure continuous online access. Our dedicated business-grade internet services can meet all your needs and help keep your business competitive.

When you opt for a DIA package, you don’t have to share a line with anyone else and can look forward to upload speeds that are the same as the download ones. Crucially, multiple users can be online doing various tasks at the same time, which is vital for businesses using lots of cloud-based storage and applications (something that’s becoming increasingly common across all industries). You can establish DIA in several ways, including over fiber (fastest data transmission), copper or wireless. But even when no fiber-optic connection is available, FWA can provide a business-grade service to replace or backup your wired connection. No matter which option you choose, all of our services include SLAs guaranteeing high availability and performance for a fast internet connection.


You can ensure you have a fast internet connection with a variety of proven and new technologies. We help you find the one that’s right for you. Especially when it comes to high data transmission rates, symmetrical fiber solutions complement proven asymmetrical connections and offer the same download and upload speed to supercharge your business. Take a look at our wide range of solutions for high-speed internet.

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If continuous and reliable online access is a priority for your business, you need a highly secure and fast internet connection.

  • Secure high-speed internet to help you remain competitive
  • Enjoy a reliable and continuous connection
  • Speed up your data transmission by using high-capacity fiber
  • Create private business networks with MLPS technology (Multiprotocol Label Switching)

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Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is perfect for customers that are limited by ADSL solutions or simply don’t have the option of a fiber optic connection.

  • Super fast implementation
  • Adds a parallel network and failover protection
  • Ideal for smaller businesses
  • Provided as asymmetric or symmetric access (different vs. same upload/download speed)

mobile data

Mobile data is internet content delivered to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets over a wireless cellular connection. In other words, it’s an essential part of the digital future of your business.

  • Benefit from high-speed mobile internet
  • Ensure the highest level of security
  • Enjoy top-quality service
  • Accept payments wirelessly


The world is becoming more digital and mobile – and your business can be, too, with our fixed and wireless Direct Internet Access and mobile services. We guarantee a safe, continuous, and fast internet connection.

Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Our DIA services are a great solution for businesses that depend on continuous internet access. Multiple users can be online doing various tasks at the same time, which is vital for businesses using lots of cloud-based storage and applications (something that’s becoming increasingly common across all industries). No matter which option you choose – fiber, copper, or wireless – our direct internet access service is highly resilient.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)

Modern services like FWA are ideal for anyone without access to fiber-based fixed broadband or struggling with the poor performance of a copper-based (ADSL) connection. If you need 100% connectivity or backup connectivity for an existing fiber or metallic connection, it’s just the thing. FWA is perfect for any business that can’t afford internet downtime, e.g. retail or other small businesses that have to run kiosks, digital signs, or points of sale.

Mobile data services

Do you regularly use your tablet or laptop to work and need fast, mobile internet with a stable connection? Then our mobile data tariffs are exactly what you need. We offer cost-effective solutions for mobile connectivity across Europe and the world as well as mobile devices, voice, and data services with international coverage and a sound and reliable framework for your staff worldwide. What’s more, transparent billing and detailed monthly bills with graphs and analytical insights make budgeting easy.


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