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Make your cloud migration a long-term success with cutting-edge solutions and certified cloud partnerships. We identify the best possible solution for your business strategy, e.g. private, public, or hybrid cloud, and transition your business following a custom migration strategy that includes a range of tools, services, and our in-depth cloud expertise.

Once you start using cloud computing, cloud migration is the next important thing to consider. Migrating your applications to the cloud is both a lengthy and complicated process, but our specialists are here to support you every step of the way. Thanks to our considerable expertise, we can implement cloud computing in no time to help reduce your workload almost immediately. What’s more, you can look forward to full control over your cloud environment and all the benefits of our Microsoft Gold partnership. After assessing your cloud readiness, we have a complete picture of your IT and application landscape which allows us to find the best solutions for you. Our end-to-end cloud migration framework also helps structure the entire process – from discovery to managing your transformed operations – reflecting our holistic approach.


After you’ve decided to move to the cloud, we help you transition your business to a private, public, or hybrid cloud solution with a range of modern tools, services, and expertise. As different workloads have different requirements when it comes to security and performance, we take the time to find the solutions that are right for you.

Create an
efficient strategy

Once we’ve perfected the best possible solution, we carefully migrate your business to the cloud with a range of top-notch tools, services, and expertise.

  • Software Asset Management (SAM) for intellectual property protection and authorization
  • License consulting tailored to your cloud migration
  • Microsoft GOLD Competency
  • Microsoft licenses (volume agreements)

top-notch solutions

Modern enterprises are using hybrid cloud solutions more and more, but they need to know which apps are cloud ready and how they stand to benefit.

  • Assessment including re-architecture and re-deployment 
  • Recommendations based on focused business cases
  • Best practices, tools, and cloud adoption framework
  • Combine private and public cloud for multi-cloud environments with our Next Generation Hybrid Data Center and choose e.g. from Hybrid Starter Pack or Monitor & Secure Pack

Mix & match

Enterprises have to decide which apps they want to move to the cloud and be aware of the risks involved. The right deployment topology and architecture are also key.

  • Ensure smooth migration to the cloud, without compromising on the performance of an application
  • Extensive expertise and experience with best-in-class tools
  • Benefit from Microsoft LSP status for licensed solutions e.g. Microsoft Azure to manage end-to-end lifecycles

Rely on
proven expertise

We’re the best at what we do, e.g. carrying out software asset management projects and providing license consulting tailored to your cloud migration strategy.

  • Build awareness of intellectual property protection and authorization management
  • Get advice on which tools to choose to optimize software and ensure compliance with any relevant laws
  • Single vendor for everything from on-premise connectivity to cloud solutions
  • 24/7 operation support and industry-leading SLAs to guarantee multi-tenant infrastructure


You need a roadmap for your cloud migration journey. Because although going digital usually entails realigning processes and implementing new technologies, that’s only really the beginning. It’s also about designing better ways to engage with your customers and adopting the most effective private, public, or hybrid cloud technology at the right price.


Every successful strategy begins with careful analysis of the benefits. That’s why we first examine the current state of your hardware and software infrastructure, application by application. Does it meet availability, security, and performance requirements? Is it flexible enough for your business? Are there any significant issues or costs caused by the current inhouse operation? Our team also offers a range of services from comprehensive consulting and individual advice to migrating existing data, setup, and support during operations.

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The next important thing to consider is the cloud migration itself. It’s a lengthy and complicated process but we make it easy with the right methodology. Once you’ve decided which applications you want to move to the cloud, you also need to consider the potential risks. Afterwards, we then ascertain the right deployment path and architecture, which are both key to the process. Only by adopting such a comprehensive approach can you ensure a smooth migration to the cloud without compromising the performance of any of your applications.


Different workloads have different requirements when it comes to cloud security and performance. That’s why we take the time to identify the best model and solution for you. We also prepare a proof of concept with selected workloads for your business depending on your chosen strategy – a hybrid or complete migration scenario. Once finished, you can enjoy the flexibility and scalability of our cloud solutions. And best of all: you only pay for the services you use, when you use them. This is great for both your company’s bottom line and the environment.



You’ve completed your cloud migration but what support can you expect post go-live? We offer a unique client-centric approach to ensure that you’re able to embrace the cloud as rapidly and efficiently as possible. As a cloud-enabled organization, you can now exploit a new revenue stream thanks to disruptive cloud patterns and benefits. Your new innovative solutions will help quickly grow the value of your business.


You need a roadmap for your cloud migration journey. Because although going digital usually entails realigning processes and implementing new technologies, that’s only really the beginning. It’s also about designing better ways to engage with your customers and adopting the most effective private, public, or hybrid cloud technology at the right price.

Main Benefits
Why us?
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  • Legacy IT and monolith apps with limited capabilities
  • Getting to grips with increasing data security requirements
  • Lack of flexibility and scalability in IT environments
  • Lack of skills and staff to transform effectively

Main Benefits

  • Fast implementation brings competitive advantages
  • Flexible and automated migration of private clouds
  • Free choice of solutions and interoperability of systems
  • Professional support through our digitalization experts
  • State-of-the-art data security
  • Full control and transparency over your IT environment

Why us?

  • Best-in-class digital experts to help you transform efficiently
  • Structured cloud adoption framework to help accelerate processes
  • Broad business portfolio with the best solutions for customer needs
  • Proven history in Central and Eastern Europe with planning and investment
  • Mature partnership models and strategic partnerships



The future belongs to hybrid cloud, combining private with public cloud environments. Our Next Generation Hybrid Data Center brings added functionality. Its main purpose is providing easy access to a variety of advanced services in public clouds. But you can also ensure that all services and data are subjected to the same security policies thanks to consistent integration across the Microsoft Azure Arc platform. What’s more, you only need to sign one agreement for colocation services or a virtual data center to get access to Microsoft Azure public cloud services and start bringing your hybrid cloud strategy to life. This approach also makes it easier for companies to grow, as business departments gain access to tools that would normally take months to implement. If necessary, you can also replicate apps and their data in data centers in different countries and on different continents.

What is a
hybrid data center?

While hybrid cloud combines private and public cloud environments, our Next Generation Hybrid Data Center can take your business to a whole new level.

Hybrid data centers aim to create modern multi-cloud environments by integrating services in a private cloud, hosted private cloud, and those provided by public cloud providers. What’s more, they also uphold all the cloud security and compliance standards you need when storing resources in your own private data center. Hybrid data centers are designed for companies with highly volatile business activities as well as programming and development departments that can use a public cloud environment for development and testing before migrating the platform to their own or hosted private cloud, e.g. for regulatory compliance.


Grupa Lotos transforms with Microsoft Teams

Lotos allowed its employees to influence many key changes which helped ensure the company’s transformation was quick and effective.

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