Any business that welcomes guests or tourists knows that every new challenge also presents an opportunity. We’ve seen this play out over the past few years. Our cost-efficient hospitality IT solutions enable hotels, restaurants, and pubs to attract digital-savvy customers, save resources, and use innovative branch network infrastructure – transforming opportunity into sustainable success.

The future of travel and dining looks bright once again, as both sectors have now bounced back from well-known global events. As they continue to make progress with their digital transformation, modern hospitality IT solutions and hotel internet services are helping them overcome key challenges, including digital competitiveness, ongoing staff shortages, sustainability targets, cost pressures, and security concerns. From motels and hostels to hotel chains, from small eateries to seasonal restaurants, and from event caterers to large festivals, every industry needs its own solution. That’s why we provide tailored packages that use key technologies such as 5G, digital signages, virtual assistants, managed Wi-Fi, dedicated internet access, and more. We share your goals: providing customers the best possible service, boosting efficiency, lowering costs, and securing 24/7 support. Fortunately, improving hotel customer satisfaction with hospitality IT solutions has never been easier.


Rising costs and outdated infrastructure that no longer meets the needs of a digitalized world are just two of the challenges faced by the hospitality industry. But don’t worry – our hospitality IT solutions are here to help.



Whether it’s business travelers, digital-savvy adults and families, or seniors who want a comfortable stay – wow them today and tomorrow with hospitality IT solutions.

  • Increase customer satisfaction with innovative hotel internet services
  • Entertain guests with hotel TV features they know and love from home
  • Support business travelers with secure managed Wi-Fi  and fast internet
  • Boost sales with omnichannel platforms and virtual assistants



Become an innovative leader in your sector by using the latest branch network infrastructure technologies to attract and satisfy hotel customers and stay competitive.

  • Connect all facilities to one dedicated and secure network
  • Track e.g. laundry and waste management via IoT and cloud
  • Use AI-supported technology to mitigate labor shortages
  • Implement virtual reality to provide e.g. immersive experiences


Managing property, buildings, and energy is more complex than ever. Contemporary hospitality IT solutions are here to help.

  • Minimize the complexity of hospitality industry technologies with easy-to-use apps
  • Modernize your infrastructure, devices, and apps from one provider
  • Decrease operational costs and energy consumption


Both guest devices and your own infrastructure need highly secure hospitality IT solutions to ensure a safe stay or visit.

  • Create your own dedicated and secure networks
  • Prevent data loss with automated data backups
  • Ensure business continuity and digital competitiveness


Learn more about our innovative hospitality IT solutions to help you attract even more customers and transform challenges into opportunities – and ultimately sustainable success.

Hotel TV

Take your service to the next level by providing additional hotel internet services and content for your guests with our all-in-one solution for hotel and hospitality TV. Not only does it create a new and interactive way of communicating with your guests, but you can also use it as a digital sales channel, e.g. for promotions. It’s easy to control and use and comes with a personalized interface.

  • Features include on-demand video, recording, and pausing live TV
  • Packages from film to sports to regional to kids and more
  • Business model without the need for capital investment
  • We can also provide a complete solution that includes hotel TVs
  • Top-of-the-line networking equipment, installation, and configuration

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Managed business stream platform

Are you looking for a solution that covers both hospitality TV and digital signage? We have the perfect device, streaming management, and hospitality platform solution to meet modern customer needs and support third-party applications (e.g. local ordering systems and streaming platforms).

  • Improve the POS shopping experience with interactive signage
  • Advertising displays with touch function, e.g. for event navigation
  • You can connect the platform to your website and internal software via API
  • Fully editable visual, graphic, and content design
  • Utilize TV as a marketing tool you already have in your hotel rooms

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Omni-channel platforms

A unified omni-channel platform specifically for the hospitality industry allows you to create marketing campaigns, send notifications, and communicate with your guests, visitors, and customers all from one place. What’s more, analytics and reports can help you track what works best. This saves time and resources but also reduces costs and increases revenue.

  • Use SMS to improve customer relations and send messages with relevant content
  • Send emails quickly and automatically with notifications or promotional messages
  • Chat with customers on their preferred channels, e.g. WhatsApp

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Digital customer assistants

Voice remains the dominant channel for customer service. But a challenging labor market is opening the door to automation. Take your customer satisfaction and communication to the next level with our customer-focused hospitality IT solutions such as multilingual customer lead conversational assistants – from automated FAQs to fully automated reservations and more. Our virtual voice assistant solution enables you to, for example:

  • Resolve common front desk enquiries
  • Send text messages with billing info
  • Initiate cleaning and maintenance workflows
  • Make reservations and take payments

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Wi-Fi as a service

Managed Wi-Fi allows customers to access online features and the internet easily and securely, whether they’re at a motel, hostel, hotel, restaurant, sports facility, or event. With Telekom Business, you benefit from a functional, scalable, and customizable ICT LAN/Wi-Fi solution from a single service provider.

  • Hospitality solutions designed to set up and/or upgrade a local network regardless of technical requirements
  • Reliable access to public and private services regardless of where they are located (locally or on the public internet)
  • Communication between multiple computers and additional equipment (e.g. printer)

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Dedicated seasonal internet access

From youth hostels to luxury resorts, guests expect reliable internet access no matter the time of year. We provide everything you need for highspeed dedicated, internet access – wherever you are:

  • Choose between basic internet or a different speed (additional charges)
  • Access to agnostic service with FTTB and fixed wireless access solutions available
  • Additional hotel internet services e.g. backup, public IPs, or cloud email
  • Can be set “on hold” during off-season (e.g. ski hotel during autumn)

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Energy, building, and property management systems

Bringing cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT), and other hospitality IT solutions together for a future-proof branch network infrastructure can help the hospitality industry manage their property in a more cost-efficient and customer-oriented way. The answer? Hotel property management systems (PMS). These easy-to-use systems also ensure that all data is stored securely. And when everything is working together and tailored to your business, it enables you to:

  • Optimize your energy management and more by creating dedicated 5G campus networks and implementing IoT solutions, e.g. to track laundry and waste disposal in real-time
  • Prevent data loss with continuous and automated data backup solutions on different devices (desktop/laptop, virtual computers/servers, databases, etc.)
  • Increase your innovation and react to changes in the market faster
  • Ensure business continuity and competitiveness in the digitalized future
  • Avoid high costs for IT equipment and keep useful space available

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Smart Hospitality TV For Hotels

Find out how stable Wi-Fi, high bandwith and infotainment with Smart Hospitality TV can increase the guest experience.

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