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We provide application modernization services so that you can use cloud-native apps and next-generation hybrid data centers to take your organization up a notch. We can also help move virtual and physical assets to the cloud, as well as between clouds. Ultimately, modern apps keep your business modern.

Enterprises have to decide which applications they want to move to their private, public, or hybrid cloud. We help you check whether your apps are suitable for a Lift & Shift approach or whether you should be planning re-factoring or even retiring. Our cloud experts are on hand to provide support using a range of best-in-class tools. We offer fully managed services by providing you with the latest technologies and enriching your infrastructure with cloud-native apps and next-generation hybrid data center solutions with help from our application assessment services. And when it comes to migrating workloads, our cloud team can help lift server workloads directly from your existing environment and deploy them in a new one. Concerned about data security? Don’t be: Our application modernization services are completely secure.


Our application modernization strategy helps adapt your business to the dynamics of the digital world with cloud-based apps – whether web hosting, data storage, enterprise, or research apps. We provide the solutions and support you need for step-by-step success.

your app settings

We check and evaluate your application environment and architecture to see whether it’s ready for the cloud and find a suitable strategy to modernize your applications.

  • Infrastructure and application assessment
  • Cloud readiness analysis, compatibility, re-architecture & re-deployment scenarios
  • Preparation of cloud governance (costs, security, resources, identity, deployment)


Join us and explore our services for Microsoft Azureto help you build, deploy, and manage cloud-native apps from Microsoft.

  • Cost-optimized Azure environment
  • Focus on running your business
  • Pro-actively identify and resolve issues
  • We coordinate everything with Microsoft

the best apps

As different services have different requirements regarding security and performance, we identify the best cloud solution for your business by creating a detailed strategy.

  • Proof of concept with selected services
  • Strategy for hybrid cloud environment, complete migration, and specific workloads
  • Microsoft Azure adoption and usage lifecycle
  • Modern digital workplace solutions for employees e.g. Hybrid Starter Pack or Monitor & Secure Pack

with top solutions

We help you run all cloud operations smoothly, so you can focus on your business instead of IT challenges. Our fully managed services include:

  • End-to-end business commitments (SLAs)
  • Single points of accountability for the network, applications, and infrastructure
  • Application modernization to ensure that everything is up to date
  • Microsoft (Office) 365 Managed Services


Discover our application assessment and modernization tools. We cover everything and check if your apps are suitable for a Lift & Shift approach or whether you should instead be planning re-factoring or even retiring. You can look forward to professional advice throughout to ensure all your applications are ready for a cloud future.


Do you want up-to-date technology with cloud-native apps? Would you like to include your data, processes, and user experience? We offer cloud application assessment tools and services for in-depth analysis of your existing environment. Together with our holistic approach, this allows us to build you a logical application modernization strategy. We also prepare a migration plan based on the findings of the cloud assessment to help us find the best options for you.

  • Cloud feasibility & network flow analysis
  • Environment assessment & application dependency
  • Migration plan including application move groups, migration waves
  • TCO calculation, cloud comparison & business case for the cloud
  • Remote support to setup rapid adopt


You can migrate your applications to the cloud in several ways depending on your
drivers and migration target:

  • Retire: Discard application
  • Replace: Use the new packaged application on the new lower TCO platform
  • Rehost: Keep the application but move to the new lower TCO platform
  • Retain: Keep the application but enhance with new platform capabilities
  • Rewrite: Recode the application to use new platform capabilities


Meet Microsoft Azure. As part of our services, we assess, migrate, and manage all IaaS and PaaS solutions. This allows us to offer you a solution which decreases costs, increases security, boosts productivity, and gives you global reach with a local presence.

  • Azure migrations assessment including feasibility analysis
  • Migration plan including move groups and sequence
  • Azure infrastructure design and set up including pilot migrations
  • Migration of workloads to Azure according to plan
  • Configuration of backup and recovery solution
  • Validation of environment, applications, data, and security
  • Handover to client’s IT team & documentation
  • HyperCare



Once the migration process is complete, we continue supporting you to ensure that you get the most out of our application modernization services. When it comes to Azure, for example, we provide 24/7 managed support and a native monitoring toolset. This helps ensure that your new app environment is both secure and cost-optimized.



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