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Public cloud systems are gaining more and more popularity, but most companies prefer hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. Fortunately, our Next Generation Hybrid Data Center covers it all, and we can tailor solutions to your specific needs. It was developed and implemented by Telekom Business Europe within our own data centers and boasts several unique features, including many operational and procurement benefits, access to pre-defined cloud service packages, and a host of customization options – all under a single contract.

The hybrid approach to IT infrastructure development requires you to create an environment based on integrated and centrally managed resources held within local or co-located infrastructure. These resources should also be available within public and shared cloud computing environments. The hybrid multi-cloud approach, however, takes things a step further. Based on a combination of private and public cloud models, it allows you to use services offered by multiple competing public cloud providers simultaneously. The multi-cloud concept, combined with a hybrid approach, allows you to maintain control over your most sensitive applications and data without compromising your ability to use public cloud resources and scale them easily. Our Next Generation Hybrid Data Center gives you the best of all cloud worlds while maintaining the security and compliance standards of your own private data center.


Our Next Generation Hybrid Data Center takes things to a whole new level. The aim is to create a multi-cloud environment by integrating services in a private cloud, hosted private cloud, and those provided by public cloud providers.

Enjoy the choice
of top solutions

Keep critical workloads within your environment using our Next Generation Hybrid Data Center while retaining the freedom to integrate and use cloud services offered by e.g. hyperscalers.

  • Enjoy the freedom to use best-in-class services
  • Match IT resources to the current needs of your organization
  • Eliminate the risk of being tied to a single cloud computing provider
  • Innovative cloud services provide modern use cases on existing IT infrastructure

Boost efficiency
and reduce costs 

Our Next Generation Hybrid Data Center allows you to access pre-defined business cloud services tailored to specific apps. All services can be customized and are available under a single contract.

  • Reduce costs and the improve efficiency of your IT
  • Transparent, subscription-based cost model
  • Access cloud services for no extra cost, e.g. data transmission fees
  • Compliance with security regulations and policies
  • Protection of co-located investments

Keep full

Combine IT services within a local or co-located data center with resources provided by external providers in a public cloud model while retaining full control.

  • Unified IT and cloud management and common catalogue of cloud services
  • Simplified and centralized management of the entire environment within a single dashboard
  • Easily develop the environment using new private and public cloud services


More than ever before, companies need to ensure that all of their services work together, as this is the only way to unify and centralize the processes that provide, manage, and record individual resources. Leverage our Next Generation Hybrid Data Center to benefit from local data center infrastructure combined with services from external public cloud providers.


Our Next Generation Data Center can create effective hybrid environments based on the infrastructure of local data centers or private cloud computing environments combined with services available on the Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud platforms. Use cloud services locally, directly from a Deutsche Telekom Europe data center, for a hybrid approach to building modern IT environments.

  • Exploit the business potential of public cloud services without compromising your ability to use co-located infrastructure under your full control
  • Secure sensitive business data and guarantee high transmission standards
  • Run a fully hybrid cloud environment within Deutsche Telekom Europe data center infrastructure at no additional cost


One of the key components of our Next Generation Hybrid Data Center is the Microsoft Azure Arc platform, which allows it to connect the worlds of the public cloud and data centers and manage them from a single screen. Its main feature is undoubtedly the ability to use functions specific to the public cloud to manage private assets while maintaining best practices, automation mechanisms, security policies, and compliance rules. You can also automate processes with support from external tools. A single management dashboard saves time as you only need to train administrators how to use a few tools. It also helps you deploy your personnel efficiently.

  • Automate the inventory of your hybrid IT environment
  • Connect and manage your cloud environment from a single application
  • One dashboard eliminates the need to train admins how to use multiple tools
  • Reduce demand for additional engineers and staff costs


We have one of the strictest compliance policies in place, specific to telecommunications providers. More and more areas of business activity are subject to legal regulations. Almost all companies are bound by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but special laws also apply to financial, healthcare, commercial, and service institutions. One of the main requirements of these regulations is that personal data should never be transferred outside the European Economic Area, and preferably, the country of the company’s registered office. We meet the requirements of all relevant legislation and can guarantee the high availability of our services thanks to asset redundancy provided by our Next Generation Hybrid Data Center.

  • Our information security system complies with ISO 27001:2013
  • Data centers have been secured to safeguard equipment against fire or flooding
  • Availability of several data centers across European countries ensures that data doesn’t need to be transferred abroad and can be secured through long-distance replication
  • Systems stored in the data center can be protected against DDoS and other attacks
  • Our experts can also provide threat detection and response services


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