The ports of Europe have always been hubs for some of the largest volumes of cargo and the greatest range of transit options – connecting economies and societies around the world. Today, digitalized ports are at the forefront, securely connected to land and sea, making freight and passenger transportation more profitable thanks to automation and big data usage. So let's continue the success of the European maritime sector  and prepare our ports and industries for the demands of the future with smart, swift and secure port digitalization solutions.

Steering a port into the digital future requires advanced services that will not only automate logistics, but also guide port management and traffic, shipping, and passenger management into safe waters. After all, the higher the degree of port connectivity, speed and security, the more attractive, productive and profitable it is for all its stakeholders – and ultimately the more competitive it is on its path towards the future. In Europe, T Business based providers are leading partners in the maritime industry, for instance in satellite communications (satcom for short), and support the industry with a broad portfolio for port digitalization. It includes everything from data platform port systems and network solutions for ports to connectivity and IT security services for reliable maritime communication via internet, e-mail, and voice both onshore and offshore.


The best way to steer ports into a digital future is via digitalized processes which provide many benefits. See what you can achieve with our port digitalization solutions.


Shorten times, increase capacity and raise the quality of your services. All this can be achieved with port digitalization and automation, solutions for port connectivity and secure data platforms for ports.

  • Increase productivity with a state-of-the-art data platform port solution
  • Optimize energy and port management, logistics, traffic and more thanks to increased automation 
  • Utilize Big Data, Cloud Computing and AI support for your specific needs 
  • Stay competitive and take the lead as a pioneer for port digitalization and automation


The benefits of advancements in ship-to-shore communication can only be achieved with an efficient and cost-effective network solution for ports and ships that is designed by mariners and maritime experts.

  • Enable virtually uninterrupted broadband satcom between ports, offices and ships 
  • Utilize a suite of onboard services, including e-mail, browsing and voice
  • Cover the needs of modern shipping companies in terms of port IT solutions and IP environment 
  • Get specialist technical support 24/7 


For digital ports, staying competitive means not only improving communication and processes by utilizing the data available from multiple sources. It also means making everything secure at the highest cybersecurity level.

  • Be on the safe side with automated internal/external backups, firewall management on board and ashore, etc.
  • Benefit from managed port IT security services around the clock via some of Europe’s most technologically advanced security operations centres
  • Protect all your port digitalization technologies, port connectivity and the value of your data 


Dive deeper into our port digitalization solutions and services and discover the many features and advantages to give your company a cutting edge.

Smart and scalable data platform for ports

The digitalization of ports is a key factor for future success when it comes to paving the way for a region's economy. That’s why we provide a data platform for ports, which connects them to facilitate collaboration and allows improved management of loads and cargo, as well as minimizing transportation and waiting times on central port roads. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with reliable port connectivity solutions, it enables better movement of traffic and shorter turn-around times for vehicles in the port, which in turn results in reduced emissions of airborne pollutants. Ultimately, it is beneficial in improving the mobility of passengers, professionals and visitors at the port – aiming to combine the availability of people and mobility data with port-related services, thereby improving the quality of services offered to the benefit of all those involved.

  • Supporting and assisting the port authority with proactive and reactive measures relating to the operation of the gate control system, for example
  • Seamless data flow to improve port management and thereby the supply chain, including increased transparency for stakeholders
  • Passengers, professionals, and visitors of ThPA receive relevant mobility information as a service (e.g. analytics) to facilitate their interactions with the port
  • Taking port traffic into consideration, our platform and port digitalization solution helps to coordinate and improve the services provided by shipping companies and the greater local community
  • Finally, it reduces the environmental impact of lorry traffic

Digital processes and it security solutions for ports

It’s not just the connectivity of ports and marinas that is important in the maritime sector. Reliable and secure satellite communication is also vital for private sailing trips, commercial shipping and freight companies alike. Not only does it increase the confidence of cargo carriers thanks to the display of real-time information and the recording of corresponding session logs, but it can also support business decisions. Combined with a high-level of maritime IT security, our state-of-the-art network solution for port digitalization enables virtually uninterrupted communications between ports, offices and vessels. All this is made possible by a modular VAS & Cyber Security platform for satcom network and bandwidth management, optimization & ICT services provisioning, exclusively developed for the complex marine IP environment.

  • Ship-office-ship and crew use various digital services (e-mail, voice, internet, etc.) 
  • Automated internal/external backup, firewall management on board and ashore, etc.
  • Weather forecast, vessel monitoring and alerting system, as well as office news broadcasting and scheduling system
  • Optimization of the vessel’s overall satellite connectivity and providing virtually uninterrupted communication thanks to the hardware and software redundancy deployed
  • Shifting business productivity by prioritizing the relevant traffic data
  • 24/7 technical support from maritime communications specialists 


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