Work from Anywhere You Like with a Laptop

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Now it's essential to be able to connect to the internet anywhere, anytime. But this also requires a technical background, and if someone now decides that they need their notebook and the internet, there are many ways to do it.

It's not just in the office that we need the internet - there is an increasing need to be able to work on the move, in meetings and other off-site locations as if we were sitting in our usual seats. It doesn't take much to go back to a time when it was a privilege to have emails on your phone, but now it's essential to be able to connect to the internet anywhere, anytime. But this also requires a technical background, and if someone now decides that they need their notebook and the internet, there are many ways to do it:

Share the internet on your smartphone

In this case, the battery will go flat quickly, so you need to be careful with the resource. You will be using data off your subscription plan, and you may not be able to access the web while a call is in progress.

Use a portable router

This will definitely require an investment, as you need a separate device. It also needs power, so you need to make sure it is always charged. Before first use, you will need a dedicated SIM with data bundle and some setup hassle to get it working as expected.

The laptop has a built-in SIM

This is the most convenient solution as there is no need for an extra device, the notebook itself switches if there is no WiFi nearby to use the data plan available on the SIM to connect. Often the customer doesn't even need to bother with whether they are using a mobile network or WiFi as the laptop will automatically take care of this.

With our service, for example the one offered by Magyar Telekom in Hungary, you can choose a notebook that not only includes the SIM, but also includes a data bundle in the monthly fee. When this service was designed, it was an explicit consideration to provide customers with this option, as the anytime, anywhere working, fast response and convenience offered by the integrated package can bring concrete business benefits to businesses. It was therefore obvious to offer these options as a bundle, taking even more of the burden and administrative tasks off the shoulders of the SME businessmen. This way they could truly work from anywhere without spending time with arranging an internet connection, being productive instead.


However, the choice of a notebook is not only based on whether it has a SIM

Battery life

Before making a decision, it is important to know how long you will be carrying the notebook and how long you will be away from an electrical outlet. Although every manufacturer will tell you how big a battery is installed in their product, this is not a clear indication of the operating time, because it depends not only on the capacity of the battery, but also on the hardware. A high-end machine will consume much more power than a basic notebook, but if you are running resource-intensive applications, it is the hardware that will struggle because you are putting more strain on its components. Today, almost all laptops can run for 6-8 hours on general tasks (browsing, mail, office applications), but more graphically demanding work requires a bigger battery and a more powerful machine.


There are more and more notebooks on the market that have some form of built-in protection that can be linked to biometric identification. Often this is a fingerprint scanner (Apple products, for example), which prevents unauthorised persons from accessing your data. For other devices, a hardware key can be required afterwards, but all notebooks and systems now have the ability to password-protect.


One of the most important parameters for a portable device is the weight of the product. Manufacturers try to make devices as thin and light as possible, but this is often at the expense of uptime or cooling system efficiency. It is worth looking for a happy optimum.


For a business notebook, it's not necessarily important to get a touch-sensitive display or a fully flip-back lid. It's more important to have a bright, glare-free screen for outdoor use, but less so for indoor office tasks. But for workers on the move, it's a good idea to choose a machine that can display the content you want to see, even in direct sunlight.

And with a built-in SIM and the right mobile internet data plan, customers really do get the freedom of fast internet anywhere. This is of course possible thanks to Telekom's network, where 4G/5G coverage is plentiful, so you can access the internet anywhere in the country in an urban environment, and monitor the current status of your data allowance on your computer. So, for those who travel a lot for work, who have to take their computer to different places often to connect to the internet, it is already worth considering choosing a device from the Telekom Instant Laptop service offering that makes it easier to connect to the internet anywhere, anytime, instead of the DIY solutions we have known so far.


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