Ten Benefits of Managed IT

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The times when IT revolved solely around cybersecurity are long gone. With businesses of all shapes and sizes going digital and switching to New Work, a lot of workflows are moving to the cloud that depend on fast and secure internet access, Wi-Fi, LAN, and flexible hardware solutions. What’s more, the recent shift in how and where we work has drastically impacted IT needs. Is your business prepared to thrive in these conditions? If you’re not sure how to answer this question, the following ten steps to Managed IT will give you an idea of how well equipped you already are and where you can improve further.

When Do You Need Managed IT?

  • You want to focus on your core business and not spend time dealing with IT
  • You want to stop worrying about security and accessibility
  • You have more than one branch or office location and need seamless, standardized IT infrastructure
  • You want to use state-of-the-art technology to manage and resolve network glitches while offering the latest updates on network management tools

Uncovering Ten Benefits of Ideal Managed IT

Take a look at how MERAKI Managed IT services can enhance your business operations:

1. No Network Failure

Adopting MERAKI Managed IT services helps you resolve all your network and IT-related issues seamlessly. Reduce application downtime and enjoy smooth and secure IT operations for your business.

2. Complete Security

For most businesses moving to the cloud, security is top of their agenda. Whether it’s setting up a firewall to protect your networks from cyberattacks, implementing antivirus measures, or filtering incoming content for harmful data, our security services can help you run a successful and secure business in the digital age.

3. Fixed Price

MERAKI Managed Services are cost-effective and reliable in terms of operations, connectivity by adding a second line in balanced or high availability mode. Apply network rules to prioritize important traffic and de-prioritize or block less important traffic.

8. Managed Wi-Fi

If you want to provide your employees or guests with stable and secure Wi-Fi, seize the opportunity to manage how your bandwidth is used based on your needs. What’s more, you can also set rules to prioritize and de-prioritize bandwidth for certain tasks with Managed Wi-Fi.

9. Connect Your Branches Fast & Secure

Securely connect your branches for real-time communication in minutes using our unique ‘Auto-VPN’ feature.

10. Work From Home or On the Go

Our MERAKI Managed IT service helps you create fully secure home setups and remote working environments.

We’re happy to assess your business case to see how MERAKI Managed IT can help your business move and scale quicker. Get in touch with our expert,Martin Jurca, on LinkedIn.