Start your digital business with a new website or webshop

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Get your business up and running with a modern website and generate lots of business with a custom webshop.

Do you want your business to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? Regardless of what products or services your customers are looking for, most will likely use the Internet for their search, and many will also make their purchase online. This underlines the importance of having both a website and a webshop as the first point of contact for your customers and to sell your products and services easier and faster.

When you have a webshop, potential customers can browse your offerings, select items, order, and pay using a digital system—no matter where they are and no matter what time it is. It’s a sales channel and market you shouldn’t underestimate: A recent study predicted that, in 2023, B2C e-commerce will reach 89.4 billion euros—and that’s just in Germany. Items such as clothing, electronic goods, and telecommunication products are all top sellers. However, the “DESI 2022” study by the European Commission found that, in 2021, only around one in five EU small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) made online sales. This clearly shows that webshops offer enormous potential but also that there’s a lot of room for improvement when it comes to European SMBs.

Expert webshop solutions to save you time

E-commerce opens up a whole range of possibilities, especially when you’re starting a new business. However, no matter how many advantages a website with an automated online shop offers, programming a website or coding a webshop requires not only time but also knowledge. From programming and search engine optimization (SEO) all the way to maintenance and web hosting—the list of tasks can seem overwhelming at first sight. But don’t worry, you don’t need to know how to code, create or maintain websites or webshops yourself to manage your business successfully.

With the Digital Business service from Telekom Business Europe, our experts can create a new website, a new webshop, or both for you. We offer several packages for webshop and/or website production to meet your unique needs—whether it’s for a small, medium, or large business. For example, the Digital Business service available in Croatia with Hrvatski Telekom includes everything you need to get your company online. All you have to do is send us your corporate design, including logos and images, as well as your products. Based on our wide range of modules, digital experts from Hrvatski Telekom then select the right solution for your business and create a website with a modern and responsive design, matching the visual identity of your company. Our experts at Telekom Business Europe also customize the content of your page for improved visibility in search engines, place your website (hosting), and take care of maintenance throughout its service life to maximize your success. By relying on our longstanding expertise, you can save time and resources—not to mention focus on running your business.

Increase your revenue and keep track of your customers

After we’ve created your perfect webshop, you have an automated online shop that works for you 24 hours a day, regardless of holidays and the location of your customers. Aside from being available to your customers at any time, you also benefit from important analytics. For example, you can use the system to monitor webshop visits, analyze product popularity, better understand your customers, and look into virtually anything that can help you improve your offering. In other words, insight into your customers’ expectations enables you to not only respond to their requests quicker but also better. For example, you can cross-sell products that go well together and even suggest them to customers as a bundle. This helps you increase your revenue and stay ahead of the competition.

Digital marketing to promote your webshop

When you’ve set up your new website and webshop, you’ve laid the foundations for your online success. But online marketing is the key to promoting your business further. Just imagine a potential customer looking for a special service on Google and seeing your Google ad offering the perfect solution for what they need. Well-placed digital marketing and webshop advertising allow you to create new touchpoints and promote your business on the internet, search engines, digital platforms, and social media to pick up potential customers at the right point in the customer journey.

Online shopping is more convenient and less time-consuming than conventional shopping. However, customers expect a hassle-free and safe shopping experience on the Internet, especially when it comes to payment methods. That’s why we provide a service called PayWay, which allows you to offer your customers maximum security when paying online with credit or debit cards, one-time or in installments, at the online point of sale.

A website with a modern and responsive design, tailored to your corporate identity, and an automated online shop with secure payment methods are indispensable if you want to succeed in a highly competitive environment. Fortunately, our experts at Telekom Business Europe are here to support you with digital business solutions to make your business thrive.


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