New and hybrid work enabled by SaaS

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Go one step further into the future of the digital office with SaaS for hybrid work models.


Versatile software tools, so-called software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, such as Microsoft 365, Cisco Webex or Zoom are on everyone's lips––and it is impossible to imagine the modern working world without them. Whether office, mobile working, home office or workation: New Work is the "new normal". Digitalization is drastically changing the way we work and SaaS offers many people more flexibility and freedom to shape their work-life balance, and are the cue for productive collaboration from anywhere and at any time.


Digitalization knocks on the door of European SMBs

But let's take a look back: During the COVID pandemic, hybrid workplaces were still mostly implemented under duress. Workers first had to come to terms with the many different and partly new possibilities of digital collaboration––from virtual meetings to text chats to working on digital documents in the cloud. But today we know and appreciate the benefits: With SaaS for hybrid work models, teams, customers or colleagues can collaborate more effectively––and this can be done regardless of location or time. Companies can grow more purposefully and position themselves as innovators in their industry and the labor market.


So you would think that the COVID years would have provided a boost in terms of digitalization and digital understanding. However, the European Commission's Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2022 study shows that while 87% of people aged 16 to 74 regularly used the Internet in 2021, only 54% of Europeans had at least basic digital skills – even though most jobs require such skills. This may affect prospects for future growth and deepens the digital divide. But a look at European companies also shows there is still room for improvement. According to DESI, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still lag well behind large companies when it comes to digitalization. In 2021, for example, only 55% of European SMEs achieved at least a basic level of digital technology adoption. Sweden and Finland are frontrunners with 86% and 82% respectively; Romania (23%) and Bulgaria (25%) have the lowest digitalization rate among SMBs.


Overcome all challenges with SaaS applications

Despite digital progress, there is still room for improvement. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses in Europe, the right software and hardware solutions are essential to remain competitive in the digital age. Whether video conferencing, voice and text communication or collaboration – SaaS for hybrid work models offer cost-effective solutions and support companies on their way to the digital office and towards a sustainable digitalization. Employees can work on a document online in parallel, for example, or they can use all-round tools to exchange data, for virtual events or video conferences with colleagues, customers and partners. In this way, they always maintain an overview of current projects. Separate breakout rooms also enable group work and digital learning during virtual workshops. In addition, the software grows flexibly with the company, depending on how needs develop (e.g., employee numbers, growth targets, location expansion).


These are just some of the features and application possibilities of SaaS for hybrid work models. Such cloud-based software from a single source as from T Business Europe are made for simple and flexible collaboration. At the same time, all the SaaS applications on offer have in common the on-demand use of the Telekom Group's secure infrastructure, networks and data centers. This provides users with a complete package of proven tools from recognized providers, data privacy-compliant use, and generous service.


Walking the path to digital transformation together

In addition to the best New Work software, the right end devices and hardware are crucial for the smooth use of all SaaS applications. That's why T Business Europe drives digitalization and offers both software and hardware solutions as a complete package or individually for companies of all sizes. You can find out how to find the perfect hardware for your business in our blog article "TITLE".  In addition to the tools themselves, mastering how to use them is a basic requirement for working productively and securely in the digital or hybrid world, as well as driving innovation. SaaS applications are primarily intended to support employees in their digital transformation. T Business Europe offers an onboarding service, a 1st-level help desk, and a 24/7 IT service (services may vary by country, please contact your regional contact for more information).



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