Meraki Managed Wi-Fi: Transform Your Organization to Suit Your Business

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Managed Wi-Fi is simply outsourced management of a wireless network that allows residents, guests, or customers to connect to the internet via multiple access points in a building, ensuring property-wide access.

Let’s look at a use case to get a better idea.

Online giants have taken over the market, leaving brick-and-mortar stores with no option but to hurriedly adapt to changing customer needs. The booming smartphone and handheld devices market has meant that retail and restaurant consumers now rely on Wi-Fi services as a part of their digital journey and purchasing decision. WLAN networks therefore have to be the right size, secure, ubiquitous, and support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for both employees and guests with specific access rights for each category.

This situation is pushing retail and restaurant businesses to leverage Wi-Fi to engage customers and monetize IT infrastructure as an important part of their commercial strategy. This makes it even more important to ensure that your Wi-Fi network is reliable, so you can reliably collect customer data. In turn, well-managed Wi-Fi helps you turn collected data into relevant, actionable insights and tangible business outcomes.

However, IT teams are finding it challenging to cope with the rapid pace of change, daunting technological complexity, and internal customer demands. The diversity and proliferation of devices, range of operating systems, security threats, new business requirements, technology lifecycle, and IoT all present considerable challenges for understaffed IT departments struggling to keep up. That’s why more and more retailers and restaurants are outsourcing the management of their Wi-Fi access and complete infrastructure to service specialists, allowing them to focus all their attention on managing their core business. What’s more, managed Wi-Fi services can help you ensure that users don’t misuse bandwidth by checking access.

What Can Managed Wi-Fi Services Bring to the Table?

Managed Wi-Fi services offer enterprises a wide range of benefits. Key benefits include:

  • Cost-effectiveness, scalability, and reliability
  • Ability to operate seamlessly, even at peak productivity hours
  • Better security over internal networks
  • Complete transparency with in-depth monitoring and reporting
  • Informed decision-making processes with smart analytics
  • Improved user experience for everyone in the vicinity

Introducing Meraki Managed Wi-Fi

Cisco Meraki is a cutting-edge cloud-controlled Wi-Fi, routing, and security solution. We provide improved visibility, enterprise-level performance, and simple administration. Engineered with best-in-class components, Cisco Meraki access points are efficient and cater to a seamless user experience thanks to faster connections, greater user capacity, and extensive coverage. We empower network administrators with smart analytics and visibility thanks to network management. The powerful and intuitive Meraki Dashboard provides detailed information about network users, the devices they are using, and even the applications using Wi-Fi. You can optimize your acceptable use policies to boost security and improve the user experience.

How Can Telekom Help You Transform Your Enterprise Network?

  1. Problem: Poor Wi-Fi network negatively impacting the customer experience, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity.
    Solution: Meraki access points offer fast and secure Wi-Fi coverage at the enterprise level. Employees and customers can use secure Wi-Fi across premises. You can also easily monitor both how your employees and guests are using the network.
  2. Problem: Bandwidth misuse leading to network overload
    Solution: Thanks to a cloud management platform, Meraki access points allow you to set up detailed per-user/device policies to prevent bandwidth overload and protect your network from unwanted content.
  3. Problem: You want to attract more customers by marketing your free Wi-Fi. You would therefore like to know which social media platforms your customers are using so that you can spend your marketing budget wisely.
    Solution: You can use our Cisco Meraki APs to adapt landing pages and offer multiple engagement points.

Are You Ready to Revolutionize Your Enterprise?

Enjoy added benefits such as:

  • High-quality network with guaranteed reliability
  • Complete transparency for customers
  • Focus on your business, as our team manages your network
  • Highest security standards complete management and troubleshooting
  • Organize how your bandwidth is used.

Together with Cisco Meraki, we provide top-quality managed services that add value to your customer experience and boost employee satisfaction. Do you have any questions or queries? Reach out today and replace uncertainty with solutions. Our expert Martin Jurca is happy to help, please send him a message here!