How Antonio and Oliver digitize their restaurant for more success

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A young caterer says: "I love my job and the innovations that we entrepreneurs must be ready for." The owner of a fast-food restaurant reveals: "We "small" entrepreneurs have the opportunity to become big if we manage our business smartly". Read the success stories on their digitization journey.


Antonio is a small entrepreneur who decided to open an Asian fusion restaurant. The competition in the city is high, and he is looking for a way to stand out and reach clients. "People often complain and say that it's harder to succeed today than before, that the competition is too great, the market is oversaturated...but I don't agree. I think that today's time brings a lot of tools that can help you. You just need to know how to use them! If you have a good product and an even better plan, everything is possible!" Antonio tells us cheerfully. Aware of the times he lives in, he knew immediately that he should focus on digital advertising. "I wanted a quick and efficient solution; gone are the days when people relied only on the recommendations of friends, today you can find what you are interested in on the Internet in a few clicks." Antonio's restaurant's digital advertising strategy included multiple channels:

  1. Instagram – The first 50 followers received from us a coupon for a 10% discount. People always love a good discount, why not reward those who decided to support you from the beginning.
  2. Facebook – We published a video of our chef cooking, where halfway through the video we showed a promo code for the restaurant that users could download by entering their email address. That's how we collected emails for sending promo material.
  3. Geo targeting – We displayed our ads only in the city where the restaurant is located and thus attracted the guests we were looking for.
  4. Google advertising - we used keywords like "sushi near me" in order to always be among the first to appear in searches.
  5. Food influencers – We used influencers specialized in food and restaurants, who left honest reviews in addition to advertising. I believe in my cuisine, so I wasn't afraid of negative reviews. By engaging influencers whose focus is only on food, we got a considerable number of foodie audiences.

He ended his story with statistics: "Using this strategy, we got 1,800 new followers on Instagram in 60 days, and paid ads reached 265,000 people. 40% of the followers live in the city where the restaurant is located, and revenues have increased by 300% since the campaign began. I consider this a great start and I look forward to seeing what the future brings."



Oliver is the owner of a fast-food restaurant whose offer is limited to burgers, sandwiches, tortillas, and similar fast food. His clientele was mostly high school students since the restaurant was located near the school. He had already thought several times about introducing a new food offer, but he knew that most of his clients would not be interested: "I've always wanted my own grill restaurant, a fast-food restaurant was supposed to be just the beginning, but it never seemed to be the moment for something new. I have already created a client base that is the complete opposite of the clientele that would come to eat grilled meat," says Oliver. Last year, he decided to take a risk and leave the matter in the hands of the professionals.

The first step was to create a website.

In order to interest the new clientele, he should have made it known that the restaurant "Kod Olivera" (“Oliver's“) no longer offers only fast food. Immediately on the home page, they included the new name "Oliver’s - grilled and fast food" so that potential guests immediately know what to expect.

Today, it is impossible to get a table at Oliver's on Fridays after work, and these are the main reasons:

  1. Online menu - people now know what is on menu and at what prices
  2. Notification of promotions - the website displays the dish that is on sale that day, and if people want to find out about it on time, they can leave their email address. That way, they don't have to check the menu and promotions every day, but they get the notification directly to the inbox. The most successful action is the Secret burger day when they offer a 30% discount on all burgers. It was this action that made this restaurant famous, and now, in addition to schoolchildren, many employees from the surrounding buildings also come for burgers at lunchtime.
  3. Online food ordering - since Oliver's restaurant was not in an attractive location, they included an option for online food ordering on the website. It turned out to be a complete hit. Since Oliver's restaurant has a delivery option, its traffic has increased by 60%. "We are especially popular during sports matches, we grill non-stop. Once we even ran out of mixture for kebabs, so we had to quickly change the information on the website because it was sold out," Oliver recalled.

"I used to think that I needed to save a lot of money to open a grill restaurant in a better location, but now when I could easily do it, I don't have to. Business has never been better; the whole town eats at my place!” said Oliver jokingly.



  • Visibility and reach: The Internet has a global reach and can show your brand to far more people than is physically possible for your branch office or sales team.
  • Informing users: Your website will help keep people up to date with new products, promotions, and special offers.
  • Availability 24/7: Your web shop or website works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Trust and credibility: A brand that can be trusted is one that has been around for a long time, it is recognizable, has loyal customers and keeps its promises.
  • Get higher conversion rates: Encourage potential customers to buy with quality content and presentation of services and products.
  • Promotion and sales: Pay per click or impression ads are an effective way to advertise on Google and a great way to reach more potential customers.



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