How to Use the Full Power of SDX to Improve your Network


In today’s complex digital landscape, enterprise customers are struggling with the vast amount of technology available and how to manage it all. It becomes a huge manual effort for businesses to run the entire network, and increases multiple costs as well. What if there was a simpler way to reduce your company’s IT costs while ensuring that you get the top security, data privacy and seamless network integration?

What is SDX?

Looking at the named challenges, customers are beginning to catch on to the unmatched benefits of SDX including:

✔️ Simplified network operations

✔️ Improved network Performance

✔️ On demand support from the Cloud

Okay, but what exactly is SDX? SDX, or Software Designed X (X meaning everything), provides enhancement of internet connectivity, security and stable fast local network and WiFi, VPN and remote access to our customers. Your SDX system simplifies everything because it comes from one single provider, meaning all your poilicies, settings and rules only need to be defined once in order to be implemented throughout the whole infrastructure of LAN, WAN, WiFi and security. All supported by AI/ML - short for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) - to proactively highlight issues and suggest resolution. SDX enables transparent network – unparalleled visibility into network operations, from end user device to the cloud services in real-time enables customers to make better business decisions, improve processes and monitor marketing activities.


A simple process for complex challenges

The process starts with modernizing a business’s network, as many companies are operating on systems with outdated technology and not enough bandwidth. Our team will work to create a network that is much more powerful and versatile than it has ever been before.

  1. It all starts with secure internet connection which combines our connectivity based on best network and SD-WAN/Security appliance delivering it combines SD-WAN, firewalls, encryption, intrusion protection (IPS), site networking and web security.
  2. Introduce a switch to connect all your local devices to network. Our high-performance managed switches with built-in security, QoS (Quality of Service) and power over Ethernet feature to power devices like cameras, WiFi access points or cameras.
  3. Win with wireless - Nobody wants to be relying on cables these days – or tripping over them!
  4. The wireless-first strategy aims to keep cables to an absolute minimum, providing employees with all the freedom they need to get their jobs done. Our access points can provide companies with wide range coverage regardless of their size or line of business
  5. Connect remote staff - Another advantage in its multitude of benefits is that the system allows remote workers to get and stay connected from wherever in the securest form possible. The setup is easy and with teleworker appliance employee can have at home company WiFi, IP phone and intranet connection.
  6. Keep connected no matter what – Our platform enables to connect additional LTE/5G link as backup or second connectivity which is combined with fix line to provide unbeatable performance and reliability.
  7. Add cloud security – for maximum security we can extend our on-site security with cloud based security features from basic URL filtering to full SASE proposition which is the simplest and speediest way to protect all the users at a company in a matter of minutes.

Make the most of your connections with SDX, and you’ll find a more reliable, effective, and flexible experience. Contact us to learn more.


SDX can optimize your network's performance

Every company that does business today uses the internet and has a network. Is your network still getting the job done or are you experiencing problems such as these:

  • The bandwidth is insufficient for your current applications.
  • The technology is outdated, and a mix of different solutions is thwarting attempts to standardize IT/network management.
  • The gateway/router security needs to be improved.
  • The number of available switch ports is no longer sufficient.
  • Employees working remotely need better connections.
  • Cybersecurity needs more attention.

Today’s business world runs on increasingly complex network systems, requiring highly-skilled IT personnel who can plan, build and maintain these networks. These teams, and the networks themselves are being pushed to their limits by the added demands of accommodating hybrid work. An automated solution is needed to maintain network operations so that IT teams can focus on network building and planning.

Imagine going from having multiple platforms which each have their own needs for WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi and security to one single point of orchestration that ensures consistent and scalable deployment and support of IT processes, policies and security across all parts of IT physical infrastructure.

This is what you get with SDX and its benefits:

➡️ Increased agility and flexibility of deployment and operation

➡️ Faster deployment of new sites and business applications

➡️ Consistent security policies across the network infrastructure

➡️ The ability to pinpoint app performance issues at-a-glance

One of the best features? We make it extra simplified for you by handling everything - just order and go! We’ll sort out the design and configuration, and handle the installation logistics. We even take care of setting up fully managed services for you.


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