Managed Wi-Fi can take your restaurants to new heights

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Customer dynamics are forcing almost every sector to change the way they work. Your business therefore needs to adapt to changing customer requirements to stay both relevant and competitive. For example, one important requirement for modern restaurants is free and accessible internet.

Social media and our desire to be online 24/7 are driving this change. Restaurant visitors want to check up on their friends on social media, share updates, or chat online while enjoying their meal.

But that’s not all. When connected to Wi-Fi, consumer devices share data that can provide valuable insights into their habits and behavior. You can then analyze their digital journey to help you market your business more effectively.

Leveraging Wi-Fi to engage customers and monetize IT infrastructure is gaining popularity as a part of an effective commercial strategy. That’s why restaurants are investing in secure, custom-fit Wi-Fi services.

What is a Managed Wi-Fi Service?

Subscribing to a managed Wi-Fi service means outsourcing the management of your wireless networks to a third-party vendor. With custom Wi-Fi solutions tailored to your business, these services boast industry certifications and provide both skilled human resources and infrastructure.

Managed Wi-Fi services are cost-effective and offer comprehensive services, including:

  • Site assessment to ensure a smooth installation and equipment recommendations
  • Configuration settings and deployment process for wireless devices
  • Continuous monitoring for security

How Cisco Meraki tackles the challenges faced by restaurants

Restaurants often rely on consumer-grade equipment, which leads to poor Wi-Fi coverage and performance. Limited insights into network structure and performance also leave these restaurants struggling to improve their Wi-Fi quality. Ultimately, this has one conclusion: a bad experience for customers. What’s more, restaurants with basic Wi-Fi systems miss out on valuable analytics that can be useful for future marketing decisions.

Easy-to-install Meraki solutions provide an excellent network structure to support growing restaurants. Offering a vast portfolio that can be managed from a single platform, Meraki boasts multiple benefits, including:

  • Access to professional network solutions: Outsourcing your Wi-Fi management to professionals at Telekom gives you access to fast, secure, and tailor-made network solutions. Our professionals provide round-the-clock support so you can focus on your business while we handle everything on the networking side.
  • Branded experience: Let your customers get more familiar with you and your brand. We provide branded guest web pages and make it easy to communicate with your customers over Wi-Fi.
  • Analytics: Meraki Dashboard is a centralized, remote management platform that allows you to set up accessible networks across an entire chain of restaurants. This dashboard also compiles detailed analytics on the habits of restaurant visitors, e.g. the time spent on specific websites, the number of returning and new visitors, and a heat map—all of which helps you improve your decision-making.
  • Seamless Wi-Fi experience: We enable your guests to browse the internet seamlessly thanks to high speeds and excellent connectivity enabled by:
    • Best-in-class wireless with gigabit throughput
    • Multi-user MIMO architecture that supports multiple client devices simultaneously
    • Isolated, secure guest Wi-Fi separated from any internal network
    • Enterprise-grade security and authentication
  • Scalability: Restaurants looking to expand globally can rely on Meraki Solutions for quick, easy scaling and immediate deployment.
  • Fast roll-out: For restaurants operating around the clock, it isn't easy to operate when the IT Team only works a few hours. It can be challenging to manage everything, especially when your peak hours differ. Meraki solutions are quick and easy to configure in just a few minutes and you can finish setting everything up in just a few hours. Roll-out time is therefore significantly less than traditional methods.


Harness the full potential of Cisco Meraki with Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom has been partnered with Cisco for many years, helping hospitality businesses across the Central and Eastern European region achieve their technological and digitalization initiatives. We enable restaurant owners to boost customer satisfaction by providing a seamless internet surfing experience with our comprehensive range of services.

We can help you take your restaurant business to the next level. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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