How Webpages and Digital Advertising Boost Family Business

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Can antiques and digitization go hand in hand? A small local company says “yes” and is expanding its market to the entire country. Another one creates hit products in just a few months and is selling them via a web shop. So how does digital marketing make these dreams come true?


Martin, together with his father Robert, runs an antique shop. Robert opened the shop 30 years ago and was always satisfied with the work: "I never had too many clients, I relied more on old loyal clients, but the business was going well. However, traffic has dropped a lot lately, so I asked my son Martin to do something about it." Martin concluded that their clientele is specific and not that frequent, so he decided to try digital advertising on various specialized sites. "I knew that our customers are not easy to find, the things we sell in the store are not popular among the masses, so we had to think carefully about how to reach potential customers. There are various blogs and sites that deal with the analysis of antiques, and it was there that we placed digital ads that resulted in new customers."

In addition to advertising on specialized sites, they also worked on optimizing the entry on the Google map and brought it to the top 3 places. From there, the increased visibility of the listing allowed for increased web traffic and greater overall visibility for their business when users searched for their store. “We also touched on search marketing (SEO) and managed to get 9 keywords on the first page of Google, including some competing terms related to antiques!” Martin tells us. With digital advertising campaigns on the Internet, they managed to expand the customer base, and by introducing the possibility of delivery of their goods, the turnover increased by 70%. "We reached a lot of new customers who are not near our city, so we introduced delivery and it was the best decision for our business! Thanks to digital advertising, we were able to connect with many art dealers from abroad, and thanks to a new collaboration, we import antiques that we could only dream of!"



Mia and David inherited their parents' family farm, which grew fruit and vegetables. They wanted to introduce something new and that's how their Detox juice company was born. On Saturdays, their parents would sell their fruits and vegetables at the market, and at the persuasion of the children, they also included their detox juices. However, juice sales did not do as well as fruit and vegetable sales. They wanted to open their store in a well-known shopping centre, thinking that it would be easier to reach their target group there, but such an investment was too expensive. They decided to sell their products through a web shop. One of the things that customers especially liked was the ability to filter the offer by ingredients.

"My favourite fruit is strawberries, so for me it is a mandatory filter when searching for products. The web shop shows me all the juices that contain strawberries as one of the ingredients," says Mia, while her brother David makes sure to exclude celery: "I'm allergic to celery, that's why we introduced the filter option so that customers can immediately cross products with the ingredient they're allergic to."  The included filter shortens the time of searching for the desired juices, and another of the cool things they introduced is the scoring system, i.e. rewarding their loyal customers. For every euro spent, customers receive 10 points that they can later use for discounts or free products. Thanks to the successful web shop, Mia and David today have many loyal customers who are not only locals but also from the wider area, which they would not reach if customers could not buy their products online. They also have refrigerators for their products in 7 different fitness centres. "We made contacts thanks to the web shop, the owner of the Workout fitness centre was our regular customer and suggested cooperation," Mia told us.

In a similar way, cooperation with the largest chain of organic food in the city was also established. "As a store with a similar food philosophy, they wanted to introduce detox juices with their offer. They came to us by Googling and that's where the collaboration started," said David.



  • Visibility and reach: The Internet has a global reach and can show your brand to far more people than is physically possible for your branch office or sales team.
  • Informing users: Your website will help keep people up to date with new products, promotions, and special offers.
  • Availability 24/7: Your web shop or website works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Trust and credibility: A brand that can be trusted is one that has been around for a long time, it is recognizable, has loyal customers and keeps its promises.
  • Get higher conversion rates: Encourage potential customers to buy with quality content and presentation of services and products.
  • Promotion and sales: Pay per click or impression ads are an effective way to advertise on Google and a great way to reach more potential customers.



There are a large number of potential customers on the Internet every day, so your website is the first stop for a potential customer and client. For simpler and faster product sales, a web shop is the ideal choice as a store that is always available to your customers. You don't need to know how to code, create websites or web shops or maintain them yourself - with the Digital Business service, our experts will create a new website, web shop or both for you and maintain them for the entire duration of using the service. You know you need a website, but you don't have time to research how they are made and what you need? Our digital experts will create a website with a modern and responsive design, aligned with the visual identity of your company. They will also adjust the content for better visibility on search engines (SEO optimization), place the website (hosting) and maintain it during the entire duration of using the service.

Do you want your store to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

Our digital experts will create a web shop so that you get an automated online store that works for you 24 hours a day, regardless of holidays and the location of your customers. An additional advantage is that you will be able to see web shop visits, product popularity, analyse customers and everything else that you can use to further improve and shape your offer at any time.



Now that you have a new website and/or web shop, digital marketing will help you advertise your business on the internet, search engines and digital platforms to connect with ideal customers when they are on the Google search engine or social networks, that is, at the moment when they are using their e-mails.

Google Ads advertising

Google Ads is the fastest and simplest way of targeted advertising. Various campaign rental models (CPC, CPM and CPV) along with various options for targeting and segmenting users enable the client to better optimize and shorten the path to achieving key goals. We provide each client with a tailor-made solution and a strategically designed turnkey marketing approach. The advertising budget is defined in contact with a digital marketing expert who will propose the budget and direction of the campaign in accordance with the objective goals of the campaign and market trends.

Facebook and Instagram advertising

Thanks to the large number of active users, social networks have an equally large number of opportunities for marketing your brand's offer and message. We provide each client with a tailor-made solution and a strategically designed turnkey marketing approach. The advertising budget is defined in contact with a digital marketing expert who will propose the budget and direction of the campaign in accordance with the objective goals of the campaign and market trends.


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