How cities can utilize data

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Did you know that Bonn’s Beethoven monument in the heart of the city shows the different types of music Beethoven composed on its pedestal? Information like this will soon be available to everyone via Bonn’s citizen portal, powered by the Data Intelligence Hub provided by Deutsche Telekom.

Cities already collect a lot of data. They use traffic and environmental sensors to collect information about current traffic levels or air/water quality. Other possible applications include smart parking, smart street lighting, and smart waste management. Combining data from various sources will provide city planners with even more valuable insights.

The city of Bonn is one of the Data Intelligence Hub’s first partners and will initially use it to provide a citizens’ portal, which will allow everyone to retrieve information about sights, locations of WLAN hotspots and taxi ranks, and garbage collection dates. But the Data Intelligence Hub also presents a lot of opportunities for companies. For example, a logistics company could use the data collected to better understand if, when, why, and where a delivery has been delayed. They can use it to take real-time action, reduce both waiting times and storage costs, and make accurate plans. What’s more, the Data Intelligence Hub allows companies to monetize their data in a transparent and secure way.

The top priorities when implementing the Data Intelligence Hub are always safety and trust. Data is encrypted and only transferred to selected partners. As a cloud-based solution, the Data Intelligence Hub is accessible 24/7—independent of device and system. It was created in close cooperation with the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), of which Deutsche Telekom is a member. Under the leadership of the Fraunhofer Institute for Software and Systems Technology (ISST), virtual data rooms will be created so that data can be securely exchanged across international borders.

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