Creating a Simple, Agile, and Reliable WAN Network With SD-WAN

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Enterprises have long relied on wide area networks (WAN) to support their businesses across regions and countries. However, with the popularity of cloud-based services, SaaS applications, and BYOD, traditional WAN is struggling to keep up with increasing bandwidth demands. And not just that because businesses now also need more flexibility and interoperability between users, applications, and devices — another area where WAN falls short.

These are some of the main reasons driving businesses to switch from WAN to SD-WAN, which seamlessly adapts to new networking requirements resulting from digital transformation.

What is SD-WAN?

An application of software-defined networking (SDN), software-defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) are a virtual WAN architecture that enables enterprises to remotely manage and quickly scale virtual network overlays spanning large distances.

An SD-WAN is controlled from a centralized platform, which directs traffic across the WAN without weakening security standards. Benefits include improved application performance, a high-quality user experience, improved business productivity, and reduced IT costs.

What Benefits can SD-WAN Offer Enterprises?

Demand for SD-WAN solutions is spiking across industries, as companies look for new ways to manage their complex and diverse network infrastructure at significantly lower costs. Some of the key benefits that persuade enterprises to adopt SD-WAN include:

  • Simplified networks, including configuration, management, and optimization aligned with WAN networks.
  • Robust branch connectivity over traditional WAN architecture by adding internet connectivity and improving network capacity effectively.
  • Increased bandwidth at a lower cost as you can prioritize network traffic to ensure optimal speeds and throttle low-priority applications.
  • Centralized management across branch networks via a simple management console reduces the need for manual configuration and on-site IT staff.
  • Comprehensive network visibility, as the controller gives operators a holistic view of the network.
  • More options for connection type and vendor selection.

How Can Enterprises Benefit from SD-WAN?

That’s simple: improved management, operational control, and visibility — not to mention reduced complexity.

Here’s how...

  1. Business Agility
    SD-WAN makes it easy to deploy WAN rapidly. This helps businesses distribute operations to other sites without needing IT professionals. You can also scale bandwidth to meet dynamic business requirements, providing extra agility to help you stay competitive.
  2. Internet Economics
    SD-WAN offers improved reliability, ensuring a seamless internet connection that’s widely available and quick to deploy. Businesses can implement the same and effectively complement MPLS circuits, providing a reliable and secure WAN service at price points companies can afford.
  3. Optimized cloud architecture
    SD-WAN helps improve experiences that involve using the cloud/SaaS‐based applications. SD-WAN optimizes networks, allowing you to quickly and easily connect to cloud applications. This gets rid of the backhaul problem with traditional MPLS networks and provides secure, high-performance connections to the cloud.
  4. Ease of Adoption and Management
    SD-WAN gives businesses a more straightforward way to deploy networks — not to mention automated setup and traffic monitoring, making it easier to manage applications.

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Introducing Telekom SD-WAN — A Comprehensive SD-WAN Service for Enterprises

Telekom SD-WAN is perfect for any enterprise looking for an easier way to manage, provision, and take control of their network. Telekom SD-WAN allows enterprises to leverage a wide range of additional benefits, including greater visibility and control without investing in training your resources.

Orchestrating everything from a core platform, the Telekom SD-WAN team goes the extra mile by carefully analyzing your needs to ensure the perfect managed services for your business. This allows businesses to leverage enhanced connectivity to scale up or down as needed.When you choose Telekom SD-WAN, you can also look forward to:

  • One-stop shopping — we take care of everything for our customers from connectivity and the SD-WAN platform to branch devices, SD-WAN core platform, engineering, and maintenance
  • Infrastructure for your SD-WAN based on our fiber, wireless, and xDSL network
  • End-to-end SLA starting from connectivity performance and availability to SD-WAN core availability and CPE replacement  if needed, all combined in one SLA
  • Top engineering know-how from our experts who design, manage, and maintain your SD-WAN network
  • OPEX as a service model with no upfront investment for customers
  • No maintenance or licensing issues as our experts take care of all SD-WAN components

Make the right choice. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.