How hybrid workplaces bring success to your business

Digitalization fundamentally changes the idea of work, and the COVID 19 crisis has just added some speed to this progress. An essential part of this development are mobile devices: They enable a never known level of workplace flexibility. Being always and everywhere accessible has become the “New Normal” and allows for a wide range of hybrid work models. Is your business already prepared to keep up the pace of digitalization and to offer future proof hybrid workplaces?

Pushed through the pandemic, many employees have switched to working from home. A study by the European Commission shows that, while in 2019, only 5.4% of employees in the EU usually worked from home, this figure has risen to 13.5% in 2021. While “going to work” used to mean literally going out of the own home, new work models have softened up the boundaries between job and private life. Today, you can be productive wherever you are: In an office or co-working space, at home, in your favorite café, or even while being abroad on workation – the right mobile equipment as well as reliable connectivity to the internet and cloud services give you a never known workplace flexibility.


Why enabling hybrid workplaces is essential

Is it time to say goodbye to the office? No, not yet. New hybrid work models combine different approaches and thus offer multiple advantages to just working from home – says the assessment of experts as well as providers of technological equipment for offices such as Telekom Business Europe. A hybrid workplace allows the employees to comfortably switch between a company’s office and the home office while saving commuting time. Nowadays, new work models have become a matter of course and applicants are looking for a certain level of flexibility and relevant equipment when choosing a new job. But not only employees profit from hybrid work models. As they provide more flexibility (also to private circumstances) and self-determination, they increase motivation, improve mental health, and thus result in a higher productivity. So, by combining on-site and remote work with innovative technologies, your business becomes attractive to potential employees while you benefit from positive effects on the same time.


High flexibility in hybrid work with the right hardware

How will you be able to switch to new work models? No matter if an organization, small or large company: The right collaboration tools such as hard- and software are the key to success. Conventional desktop computers for businesses lack in flexibility, whereas mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones score in this aspect. By combining the power of the PC with the flexibility of a tablet, a business laptop will be the right choice to increase productivity. Nevertheless, it is critical to select the best suitable device basing on the requirements it should meet in daily work business. Aspects to be considered are not only performance, battery life, connectivity, or expenses – operating programs or security software are also decisive factors for your productivity, comfort, and success.


Highspeed internet for best connections

You found the right device and want start working? First make sure you have a reliable and fast internet connection supporting your hybrid workplace. You will need a stable connection wherever you are – not just in the office or at home.

To get connected, you could use a hotspot and deploy your mobile internet on your smartphone. However, it not only eats up your battery but also high amounts of your data volume. Additionally, you may have difficulties in taking a call and being online in parallel. By opting for a mobile router, you add another device to your equipment – which means extra weight and taking care of charging for that, too. The best option for getting connected to highspeed internet is an integrated SIM card in the laptop. It provides you with powerful internet without adding weight to your equipment. Another advantage: The laptop can switch between a mobile network or WiFi which makes mobile work comfortable.


All-in-one solutions for all purposes and needs

To meet the needs of flexible and future-proof solutions for hybrid workplaces, providers of technical equipment for office work such as Telekom Business Europe have special offers: With “My Digital Office”, an all-round package specifically for small and medium-sized companies (SMBs), Hrvatski Telekom in Croatia for example offers a country-specific solution comprising a high-quality business laptop, an integrated SIM card and 24/7 IT support. Especially SMBs without own IT department profit from the service of trained technicians when questions of problems occur.

To make a successful transition to new work models, take into account the mentioned aspects. This way, you can supply your employees with business laptops that suit their needs. Reliable and efficient IT equipment is the essential key for productive work. By providing the latest collaboration and remote work tools, the experts from T Business Europe can help companies work and communicate from everywhere and bring the hybrid workplace into being. Embrace new work models to transform your business into a digital office. Combining tailored solutions with expert know-how will boost your business and help your company to stand out from the competition.



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