Building showing a Tesco store that uses private network from T Business.


Centralized IP VPN network for over 1,000 Tesco stores in Czechia, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia.

“It was important for us to choose a trustworthy partner for our Central and Eastern European operations—someone that would allow us to adopt a regional approach. As we operate our network from a single location, having a provider who can guarantee the same level of service in each country was a major benefit. On top of that, we value having a single account team for all the countries we operate in. This helps ensure that any service requirement is delivered with the same specification and quality.”

Martin Berdych, CEE IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager


Tesco has been expanding rapidly in the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) region, adding an ever-growing number of stores, branches, and warehouses. The retailer needed a seamless, cross-border corporate network with reliable VPN (virtual private network) solutions that can handle business-critical data applications, such as payment transactions, supply chain and employee information systems.


We implemented a unified, guaranteed IP VPN service for its retail chain stores throughout the CEE region. The network includes a total of 900 Tesco outlets in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia. The IP VPN service allows Tesco to easily and efficiently connect all company stores to a single, private network. In addition to a regional IP VPN network, we provide Tesco with data center collocation, dedicated internet access, and voice and SMS services.


  • Centralized and proactive network surveillance and maintenance within CEE
  • Lower direct costs thanks to volume purchasing and lower indirect costs as one network is less expensive to operate.
  • Primary and backup service at every Tesco store
  • Multilingual support across the CEE region
  • Guaranteed QoS (Quality of Service) and SLA (Service Level Agreement).


TESCO is a global grocery and general merchandise retailer headquartered in the United Kingdom. It’s one of the top three largest retailers in the world and has stores in 14 countries throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.