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Polaris Medical

Polaris Medical needed fast and reliable internet, secure data transmission, and GPS tracking of patients.

“Our modern medical equipment is connected to Telekom’s premium data network, allowing us to transfer patient information quickly and safely. What’s more, GPS tracking bracelets help us locate our patients immediately so that we can act fast in case of an emergency.”

Cristina Petrut—Commercial Manager Polaris Medical Hospital


Polaris Medical is a private hospital focused on the care and comfort of its patients. Medical staff need to intervene quickly in emergencies, require immediate and full access to all patient data, and the ability to order medical supplies swiftly. And to achieve all of that, they needed to utilize modern technology: A fast and reliable internet connection, secure data transmission, and GPS tracking of patients.


Polaris Medical hospital’s modern equipment is connected to Telekom’s data and voice network, ensuring that information is transmitted quickly and securely. The client can communicate with its customers and suppliers using fixed and mobile telephony. The project included PBX equipment, Wi-Fi internet with separate connectivity for patients and medical staff, and a virtual private network with health insurance companies.


  • Telekom’s modern technology for patient care has improved the hospital’s image and attracted more customers
  • Lower costs as a single network is more cost-effective to operate than several networks linked together
  • One service contact and invoice from one provider for all services
  • Dedicated sales representatives available anytime


The largest private hospital in Romania, Polaris Medical was founded on September 10, 2015, in Suceagu near Cluj-Napoca. With a team of 150 doctors, nurses, and auxiliary staff, the hospital offers complete rehabilitation services as well as neurological, cardiovascular, psychiatric, and palliative care. Patients receive comprehensive treatment tailored to their unique needs.