Nezvalova Archa

Self-service hotel gets even smarter with unlimited Wi-Fi.

“We love having a stable internet connection all over the building. Unlimited internet is one of the key demands from younger guests and we’re pleased that it helps keep our guests happy:
Indeed, it‘s often the reason they return to our smart hotel.”

Mgr. Marek Novotný, Executive Director


Real estate agency DACHI built a self-service hotel that should really be called a smart hotel. Room bookings and payment take place online and guests check in on their own: they just need a smartphone and the app to get the ‘key’ to their room. In addition to a fully-stocked, self-service fridge, DACHI also wanted to sweeten its visitors’ stay with unlimited Wi-Fi access throughout their 1,600-square-meter building. The hotel wanted to use a stable system with overload safeguards to offer each user a secure connection on up to five devices at the same time.


  • Entire building connected to fiber-optic network
  • Managed LAN
  • Secure Wi-Fi supporting up to 600 devices connected simultaneously
  • System monitors and optimizes data traffic in the building
  • Complete IT services, including consulting and planning for further developments


  • Hotel offers wireless internet—a key attraction for young guests
  • Stable, monitored connection ensures the same speed for every user
  • System can prioritize and allow larger downloads for long-term residents
  • Online monitoring and space coverage even when Wi-Fi components are down
  • Fewer IT staff as T-Mobile’s experts are available to solve problems when needed/li>

Dachi real estate agency and Nezvalova Archa

Dachi is a real estate agency founded in Czechia in 1992. One of its pet projects is the 38-bedroom smart hotel Nezvalova Archa in Olomouc, offering both short-term accommodation and student lodging for the academic year. Guests of the self-service hotel receive their electronic key and all other information by email or on their smartphone.