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JYSK, a Danish retailer, choose Telekom to implement IP VPN Solutions that link 200 outlets across four countries.

“In Danish, JYSK literally means Jutlandic. But it also refers to specific values such as honesty, integrity, and modesty. In other words, JYSK means credibility—a company you can trust! That’s how we operate, how we treat our customers, and how we expect the same of our suppliers. So, finding the right network provider was no easy task. It was an important decision but one we’re very happy with.”

Rene Kristiansen, CIO JYSK


JYSK relies on the best possible link between all its markets in the Central and wider European region. In 2007 GTS, a company owned by Deutsche Telekom, implemented the perfect solution for JYSK within the Central European region. A modern data network leveraging MPLS technology linked dozens of JYSK outlets in Central Europe—in Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland—and the company is planning to expand further in the near future.


We implemented a modern MPLS data network in Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland—linking a total of almost 200 JYSK outlets. The new data network based on IP-VPN provides more effective planning and coordination of individual activities within the entire JYSK retail process in Central Europe. This advanced functionality benefits all JYSK customers in the region thanks to increased efficiency and enhanced services.


  • Centralized network management across CEE region
  • Lower costs as a single network is more cost-effective to operate than several networks linked together
  • Increased productivity and simplified operations with one network
  • One service contact and one invoice for the entire region
  • Option to provide MPLS service all over Europe thanks to DT’s cross-border service coverage


JYSK, a Danish retailer selling furniture and interior accessories, currently has a network of over 1,350 outlets in more than 30 countries all over Europe. The company boasts annual revenues of almost EUR 2 billion and has around 14,000 employees.