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Czech National Bank

The Czech National Bank uses our private virtual data center for web hosting.


CNB operated an external web with content management systems on three dedicated servers. The solution had two subcontractors (web servers and WCMS—Web Content Management System) and CNB experienced communication issues between the three parties and it was unclear who was responsible for what. The original solution wasn’t able to cope with the varying loads of web traffic during different periods of the day/month/year and wasn’t sufficiently flexible for applications with varying requirements.


Our private virtual data center solution for the Czech National Bank utilizes our virtual hosting option built on the cloud environment of our IaaS platforms and existing redundant infrastructures that are also components of the cloud environment. Guaranteed basic computing and storage capacity. Online performance monitoring with customer access and enhanced performance when needed are also part of the solution. It includes data storage, backup, and archiving so that resources can be used much more flexibly should the need arise.


  • Flexible allocation of computing resources
  • Improved process for implementing system changes
  • Simpler and more efficient vendor management with single responsibility for whole services
  • Uninterrupted availability of electrical power, cooling, and internet connectivity
  • Reduction of CAPEX and overall TCO


The CNB is the central bank and financial market supervisor of Czechia, providing banking services to both the state and public sector. As an independent institution, the CNB sets monetary policy, issues banknotes and coins, and manages currency circulation, payment systems, and settlements between banks.