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City of Larissa

Smart Pedestrian Zone Control for Larissa in Greece, using cameras, bollards, and a Smart City Platform.


The city of Larissa is one of the five biggest cities in Greece and has the nation’s largest pedestrian zone in the heart of the city center. There you can find restaurants and coffee shops, all kinds of shops, small companies, public offices, and a few houses for residents. The Mayor wanted to improve traffic in the pedestrian zone by reducing the number of vehicles and providing a safer environment for people, disabled people, parents with kids, bikes, etc.


One goal was to implement a smart system that only allows specific vehicles to enter, for example, ensuring 24/7 access for residents, police, fire brigades, ambulances, etc. but limiting access to specific times for other vehicles. LPR cameras were installed at every entrance to the pedestrian zone. The cameras maintain a ‘white list’ of vehicles that are allowed to enter and control the barriers. All infrastructure is monitored in real time using a smart city platform that allows admins to visualize the situation and produce all kinds of different reports.


The Smart Pedestrian Control Zone has been operational since December 2020. An operational control room provides 24/7 support and has access to all the infrastructure. A Citizen Portal allows everyone to apply to enter the pedestrian zone digitally and easily. Both residents and visitors are happy as they now feel safer walking around the city center. What’s more, businesses and local shops say that the change has helped them improve how to plan their supplies and that they’re now able to work more efficiently.


The City of Larissa is the capital and largest city in Greece’s Thessaly region. It’s the nation’s fourth-most populous city with a population of 144,651 (2011), and is a commercial, transportation, educational, agricultural, and industrial center.