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Voice and data connectivity for the retail industry.

"All our supermarkets are interconnected via Telekom data services to the headquarters, so we can have a clear and real-time view of our stock enabling us to immediately look up items requested by our customers. This way they will always find these products on our shelves."

Georgia Sorana, CEO of Billa Romania


Customer satisfaction and loyalty are vital for any retail business. And to keep on top of both, Billa Romania needed a quick and clear overview of merchandise stock levels and a dedicated call center for customers. For business continuity, they needed a reliable and fast data connection as well as speedy communication between employees at all supermarkets. Customers also needed a dedicated phone number they could call to ask about promotions, loyalty cards, and other Billa information.


Billa has been using fixed-voice services from Deutsche Telekom since they opened their very first shop in Romania in 1999. As the company’s network developed, its communication needs became more complex. All 86 locations are linked via high-speed internet to support sales and stocking applications. What’s more, each branch is also connected to the firm’s headquarters. Mobile voice and data services have become an important part of the day-to-day activity of Billa’s employees.


  • Lower costs as a single network is more cost-effective to operate than several networks linked together
  • Increased productivity and simplified operations for mobile services
  • One service contact and invoice from one provider for all services
  • A dedicated sales representative


Billa opened its first supermarket in Bucharest, Romania in 1999, followed by a second store in Constanta. Billa currently has 86 supermarkets across the country with over 3,500 employees. Billa Romania is now part of the REWE Group, a large food retail and tourism operator. The REWE Group is present in 16 European countries with approximately 15,000 shops generating revenues of more than €50 billion annually.