Creating a Simple, Agile and Reliable WAN Network With SD-WAN

  • Published: April 8, 2021
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Enterprises have long relied on wide area networks (WAN) to support their businesses across geographies. However, with popularity of cloud-based services, SaaS applications, and BYOD, traditional WAN struggles to keep up with the increasing bandwidth requirements. Not just this, businesses today need more flexibility and interoperability between users, applications, and devices where WANs fail.

These factors are some of the biggest drivers encouraging businesses to switch from WAN to SD-WAN that seamlessly adapt to new networking requirements brought on by digital transformation.

 What is SD-WAN?

An application of software-defined networking (SDN), software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that enables enterprises to remotely manage and quickly scale virtual network overlay, spanning over large geographical distances.

An SD-WAN uses a centralized control function to direct traffic across WAN without compromising on security parameters. The benefits of this can be observed in the form of better application performance, high-quality user experience, improved business productivity, and reduced IT costs. 

What Benefits Does SD-WAN Offer to Enterprises?

Demand for SD-WAN solutions is spiking across industries to manage the complex and diverse network infrastructure at significantly lower costs. Some of the key benefits that encourage enterprises to adopt SD-WAN include:

  • Simplified network complexities, including configuration, management, and optimization aligned with WAN networks. 
  • Robust branch connectivity over traditional WAN architecture by adding connectivity over internet and improving network capacity effectively.
  • Increased bandwidth at a lower cost since the network traffic can be provisioned for optimal speeds and throttle low-priority applications.
  • Centralized management across branch networks through a simple management console reduces the need for manual configuration and on-site IT staff.
  • Full visibility into the network, as the controller gives operators a holistic view of the network.
  • More options for connection type and vendor selection.

How Enterprises Benefit from SD-WAN?

The answer is clear - to have a better management and operational control, gain visibility, and reduce operational complexity. 

Here’s how it does that.

  1. Business Agility
    SD-WAN enables rapid WAN deployment. This helps businesses to distribute operations to branch sites without requirement of IT professionals. Bandwidth can also be scaled to meet the dynamic business requirements, giving extra agility to stay competitive. 
  2. Internet Economics
    SD-WAN offers additional reliability, ensuring seamless internet connection that is widely available and quick to deploy. Businesses can implement the same and effectively complement MPLS circuits, providing reliable and secure WAN service at price points companies can afford.
  3. Optimized Cloud Architecture
    With SD-WAN, experiences when using the cloud/ SaaS‐based applications are improved. SD-WAN optimize networks to easily and quickly connect to cloud applications. It eliminates the backhaul penalties of traditional MPLS networks and provides security, high-performance connections to cloud.
  4. Ease of Adoption and Management
    SD-WAN offers businesses a more straightforward way to deploy and offer automated setup and traffic monitoring, making the applications easier to manage.  

Want to Know Where Telekom SD-WAN Fits in Your Enterprise Operations? Fill in the form.

Introducing Telekom SD-WAN - A Comprehensive SD-WAN Service for Enterprises

Telekom SD-WAN is the one to choose if you are an enterprise looking for ease of management, provisioning, and centralized control. With Telekom SD-WAN, enterprises leverage a wide range of additional benefits such as more visibility and control without investing in training your resources. 

Orchestrated in its core platform, the Telekom SD-WAN team goes an extra mile to closely analyze the clients’ requirements well and ensure their satisfaction through managed services. As a result, businesses can easily utilize tuned connectivity to scale up or down depending on their current scenario. On choosing Telekom SD-WAN, you also take home:

  • One-stop shopping where we will take care of everything on behalf of customers from connectivity, SD-WAN platform, branch devices, SD-WAN core platform, engineering and maintenance
  • Best underlay for your SD-WAN based on our fiber, wireless, and xDSL network
  • End to end SLA starting from connectivity performance and availability, SD-WAN core availability to CPE replacement if needed all combined in one SLA without compromises
  • Top engineering expertise of our experts who will design, manage and maintain your SD-WAN network
  • OPEX as a service model with no upfront investment for customers
  • No maintenance and licensing issues as our experts are taking care of all components of the SD-WAN

Make the right choice. For all questions, reach out to the team by filling the form.

Author: Martin Jurca B2B Product Marketing, Deutsche Telekom Europe
  • Published: April 8, 2021
  • Categories: Cloud, ICT, Enterprise Network
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