Ten Benefits Of An Ideal Managed IT

Long gone are the times when IT needs solely evolved around cyber security. With businesses of all shapes and forms actively fostering digital transformation and New Work, a lot of workflows have or will move to the Cloud vastly depending on fast and secure Internet Access, Wi-Fi, LAN and flexible hardware solutions. Moreover, the recent shift in how and where we work has drastically impacted IT needs. Is your business prepared to thrive in these new circumstances? If you’re not sure yet how to answer this question, the following ten steps to your ideal Managed IT can give you an impression of how well equipped you are already or where you can make further improvements.

When Do You Need Managed IT?

  • You want to focus on your core business and not spend time with IT
  • You don’t want to worry about security or accessibility
  • You have more than one branch or office location and require a seamless, standardized IT infrastructure
  • You want state-of-the-art technology that manages all your network glitches and resolves them instantly while offering the latest updates on the network management tools

Uncovering Ten Benefits That Create The Ideal Managed IT

Take a look at how MERAKI Managed IT services enhance your business operations:

1. No Network Failure

Adopting MERAKI Managed IT services helps you resolve all your network and IT-related issues seamlessly. Your application’s downtime reduces significantly, offering smooth and secure IT operations for your business.

2. Total Security

With most business operations moving to the cloud, security is top on the agenda. From setting up a firewall to protect your business’s networks from cyber-attacks, implementing antivirus measures or filtering incoming contents for harmful data, our security services can support you to run a successful and secure business in the digital age.

3. Fixed Price

MERAKI Managed Services are cost-effective and reliable in terms of operations, security and user-friendliness – with no hidden charges. There are no upfront investments necessary with complete plannability thanks to fixed monthly fees.

4. Instant Network Remediation

Resolving the network issues in real-time has become essential in today’s digital era. Using smart network management tools backed by the cloud for secure access gives you the necessary competitive advantage.

5. Transparent IT Management 

Scalability and transparency are the two most significant factors that help you efficiently expand your business. MERAKI Managed Services give you an overview of all your network issues in real-time – even in new office buildings or subsidiaries.

6. Centralized Operations 

Time is money. MERAKI Managed IT services are centralized on a single platform to make your operations as efficient as possible – from managing your networks to getting expert IT suggestions.

7. Improve Connectivity 

Improve your connectivity to internet by adding second line in balanced or high availability mode. Apply network rules which will prioritize important traffic and de-prioritize or block not important traffic.

8. Managed Wi-Fi

If you want to provide your employees or guests with a stable and secure Wi-Fi, cease the opportunity to organize the bandwidth usage according to your needs and have full visibility on what’s happening by setting rules to prioritize and de-prioritize bandwidth for certain tasks with Managed Wi-Fi.

9. Connect Your Branches Fast In A Secure Way

If you have more branches, connect them for real-time communication in a secure way within minutes thanks to the unique “Auto-VPN” feature.

10. Work From Home Or Field

Our MERAKI Managed IT service will enable you to set-up completely secure home or remote working environments.

We are happy to assess your individual business case to see how MERAKI Managed IT can help your business move and scale quicker. Get in touch with our expert, Martin Jurca, on LinkedIn.

Author: Martin Jurca B2B Product Marketing, Deutsche Telekom Europe
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