Smart City solutions

Deutsche Telekom Smart City solutions offer a full range of products that simplify the operational complexity and reduce costs for the city.

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Increasing efficiency

Urban infrastructures can be programmed remotely due to smart connection & intelligent management software, thus increasing efficiency and saving costs.

Managing sustainability

Smart cities can reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Encouraging citizens participation

Participation in collaborative platforms and social media helps represent the citizens’ perspective and take their interests into account.

Flexibility & E2E solutions

A variety of flexible business models. We can provide the necessary components and services from a single source or allow the City to source components and services separately.

Smart City Ecosystem

A city can start with one stand along Smart City Service from Deutsche Telecom and slowly grow to provide a full range of other smart city services to its citizens.

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We believe that collaboration, open platforms and multi-layered urban networks are key to taking the digital transformation of cities forward.

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  • 1000 points of light & 4500 replacments of luminaires with LED by 2020
  • Solution enables a new IoT communication network to enable integration of services such as parking management, air quality control and others
  • The project has won the award for Smart Cities' Best Project at the CNIS (National Congress of Innovation and Public Services) in Madrid


  • Mixture of Smart Technologies delivered (Lighting, Parking, Public Safefty, Traffic Flow monitoring and WiFi)
  • DT's Solution is supporting police to detect problems at a local pub with software that detects unusual actvities.
  • Solution supports the government to understand the impacts of the parking situation on local businesses and public parking policy

Bucharest IN ROMANIA

  • Mixture of Smart Technologies delivered (Lighting, Parking, Public Safefty and WiFi)
  • Implemented a Smart Park Area where police are alerted if vandalism occurs at a newly renovated playground
  • Mayor Dashboard provide to the City to monitor various Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the City

Pietra Neamt IN ROMANIA

  • Smart City strategy implemented with the Municipality
  • “The Smart Zone” with: Smart street lighting, EV charging station, Smart Air quality monitoring system, WIFI

Constanta IN ROMANIA

  • Smart City strategy implemented with the Municipality
  • “The Smart Zone” with: Smart street lighting, EV charging station, Smart Air quality monitoring system, WIFI

Nyiregyhaza IN HUNGARY

  • Smart City Core System with DataWarehouse, Portal and CityCard system (8000 city cards)
  • Surveillance system (15 cameras+licence plate recognition SW) for the sake of public safety
  • HomeCare system (40 modems with watches, 10 CO monitors) to take care of the elders and disabled people
  • Smart Kiosks and Benches to provide attractive public places in the city

Dubrovnik IN CROATIA

  • 1st Smart Street in Croatia
  • Mixture of Smart Technologies delivered (Lighting, Parking, Traffic Flow monitoring and WiFi)


  • Winner of the prestigious WITSA 2016 award in the category sustainable growth solutions
  • Automatic vehicle location and automatic fare collection in the public transport
  • More than 2.5 million transactions in three months

Chalkida IN GREECE

  • 69 Parking Sensors, 20 of them to inform about illegal use
  • 25 Luminaires and external light control nodes,
  • 1 Environmental sensor and respective air quality monitoring software


  • The very first energy neutral Island in Adriatic region
  • Connecting parking with EVC data


  • Integrated Smart Public transport around in the city
  • Smart Bike sharing solutions generated more than 1.4 million rentals and more than 2 mio km pedaled
  • Very visible Smart City concept

Monheim in Germany

  • Street Light in historic section of city, New luminaires physícally look the same but consume 70% less energy.
  • The DT solution uses less energy, has dimmable lights, and reports failures automatically.
  • Part of the City Digitization Plan (Monheim 4.0)


  • Ground based sensing for parking occupancy in 2 plazas around the city
  • City digitzation plan in final stages, DT hoping to participate on larger scale offerings


  • NB IoT parking solutions deployed to show the benefits of this new communication technology
  • Worlds first NBIoT connected Street Lights


  • Intelligent LED street lighting in the main street with a steering PLC based system
  • Air pollution sensor installed to monitor the quality of the air


  • Intelligent LED street lighting in the main street with a steering PLC based system
  • City monitoring with video detection software
  • Wi-Fi hot spots
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