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Big Data solutions

Market Locator

Use Market Locator to compare locations and choose the one that best suits your business. You can also boost the weakest hours in your business by offering campaigns for your delivery service, car service stations, and other services in those off-peak periods.


  • New insights for the business thanks to visual heat maps showing how a specific population changes during different times
  • Extending your customer base (e.g. a campaign targeted at your relevant group by using filters etc.)
  • Better understanding of customers’ needs
  • Closer contact to your target group
  • Support with finding the right location for your new outlet


Available parking spots can be reached within 3.5 minutes at the most, or within a distance of 250 meters from the final destination, with a detected accuracy of 93.3 %. In comparison to other smart parking solutions, eParkomat’s total cost of ownership for 199,000 parking spots with similar accuracy is equal to 1,000 parking spots covered by standard technology (sensors, cameras, etc.).


  • Reducing cost with high accuracy
  • Utilizing current smart parking solutions
  • No impact on city infrastructure
  • Measurable results
  • Environmentally friendly


RODOS provides you with a scalable and precise real-time traffic system covering the entire road and street network. Anonymized movement data from mobile phones and telemetric systems in cars is used to calculate the dynamics of traffic and people flows on every road in real time. The result is projected onto a high-resolution map with dynamic and historical information, which can be accessed over a web portal.


  • Precise, real-time information about the entire traffic network
  • Unique source of information to manage and optimize the traffic network according to its capacity
  • Helps organize and manage large events with a potential for predicting problematic situations in advance
  • Provides businesses and authorities with scenarios for natural disasters or other forms of critical situations
Product sheet RODOS
RODOS - Traffic management


One opportunity with Mojio is for car dealers to track and monitor their inventory, and receive repair notifications. Fleet management enterprises can also locate their vehicles and plan the cars’ maintenance. Insurance companies get the opportunity to offer premium insurance packages based on usage. (In the video on the right-hand side, you can see a commercial for car maintenance)


  • The open connected car platform makes it easy to develop custom solutions, for example for insurances.
  • Growing portfolio of ready-to-deploy solutions for fleets and mobile workforces. Opportunities exist to localize & license.
  • Mojio enables quick-to-market UBI programs.
  • Data-as-a-Service provides clean data for segmentation and scoring to high profit potential and data penetration.
  • Customers benefit from broadband connectivity for older cars, location tracking, vehicle diagnostics, recalls and maintenance, driving analytics, etc.

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