Reinventing the T Business website

as a customer-first hub for digital services


If you want to drive business by implementing digitalization solutions, then leading international providers’ websites are the first port of call. To remain relevant and useful in an ever-changing world, change is needed in more than just small doses — sometimes a giant leap is what’s required. Therefore, the reimagined, redesigned and relaunched Telekom Business Europe website focuses on “C” for customer, seamlessly guiding users to the right information when they need it. Learn why corporate websites need to keep on reinventing themselves and how “vitamin C” in its various forms has transformed the T Business website, making it Europe’s go-to platform for digitalization services.

New customer needs, user behavior and technologies often require more than just a small update. To continue to meet all these requirements in the best possible way, T Business decided to reinvent its website from scratch, making it more user-friendly, solution-driven and benefit-oriented than ever before. Sustainable success requires constant support, services with real added value for the customer, and an awareness of industries’ individual needs. It’s time to start looking at the corporate website as an all-rounder — a news channel, an information provider, and a means of getting in contact.

While redefining its role as a driver of digitalization in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), T Business decided to support customers and partners with a new go-to platform. How? We decided to boost our “vitamin C” levels, placing the focus on customer benefits rather than just presenting our products. Check out the details below:

  1. Customer-first architecture logic — starting from business selection to current customer challenges to appropriate digital services 
  2. Clear navigation and design — user-centric design with a clear look and feel, easy-to-read text, bold visual elements and images
  3. Convenient and seamless use — optimized technology for responsive use on all devices: desktop, tablet, and smartphone
  4. Content-driven knowledge hub — industry challenges, technology solutions and customer use cases with multimedia information in a concise format
  5. Central communication platform — a cumulative presence for Telekom Business Europe, representing all 10 national companies in Central and Eastern Europe
  6. Connected on all channels — with all national companies for regional promotions as well as social media for event updates and more
  7. Constantly updated according to the latest changes — recent news, customer cases and expert contributions, complete with new features

The evolution from customer-oriented to customer-first 

Today, having your finger on the pulse and being  aware of your customers’ needs is more important than ever. According to a 2022 survey by Accenture with 1,700 participating global C-suite leaders, more than 95% of executives reported that they believed their customers were changing faster than they could adapt their businesses [1]. In addition to this, the 2022 “Next Communication” study commissioned by Deutsche Telekom in Central Europe shows that 86% of corporate professionals believe that successful communications would have to be guided by new principles [2].

What do customers want? Direct communication on an equal footing, meaning all interaction needs to be more transparent, more needs-oriented, and more flexible. T Business designed the new website to perform even faster and more responsively for seamless use on desktop, tablets, and smartphones, adding new content that focuses on business challenges and puts needs first. This approach strongly supports the EU’s Digital Decade policy, which pursues a human-centric, sustainable vision to empower citizens, and above all, small businesses to have access to digital tech and know-how [3].

Easy and quick access thanks to clear and comfortable design

Many website visitors are inundated with product names or complex technology in the homepage start menu, meaning they often have to click through a number of features before finding the right one. This is why T Business revised its website navigation and made its structure clearer and more consistent. With this new, revised system, the most important areas can be found at the top of the start menu. These include applicable business leadership, the most important challenges, suitable technology, EU funding opportunities, European customer cases, and news and event updates in the “Media” section. 

Those looking for direct access to solutions have several options —  either via the “Products and Services” section, which is divided into our focus areas for Digital, Connectivity, Cloud and Security, or by clicking on “Our focus services” in the middle of the bottom page margin, which lists selected focus solutions and leads to “See all services”. The portfolio of solutions reflects T Business’s offering, while the specific products available in individual countries are shown on an interactive map of Europe, which lists all national companies, including their locations, contact details and URLs. There is also a separate direct contact page and another page for partnerships.

Informative content to master current and future challenges

5G, IoT, hybrid cloud, end-to-end cybersecurity, EU funding — digitalization is one of the fastest developing fields and it is indispensable if you want your business to remain competitive in the future. This is especially true as customer demands are becoming even more complicated, and the choice of possible solutions is increasing. Understanding transformation at this scale is a challenge, but it is T Business’s task to explain it.

In addition to practical videos on technology, solutions and customer cases, there is also a helpful blog section, where experts share their knowledge and tips on digital trends, tools and technology in informative articles and interviews. Many pages also contain info boxes which answer questions like “What is the IoT?” or “What are the benefits of a Next Generation hybrid data center?”

Socially connected for future – and constantly changing

From your very first visit to the new website, you’ll notice that the customer-first approach is more evident than ever across all areas. We’re talking greater clarity and convenience, more seamless interaction, multimedia content with added value for small businesses, large enterprises, and the public sector. Our passion has enabled us to create our new website with the help of a great deal of feedback and optimization. Do you want to help us develop Europe’s go-to platform for digital services? Do you have any suggestions? Perhaps you have an exciting customer case? Or would you simply like to learn more about our services? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Enjoy visiting our site, come back for regular updates, and don’t forget to connect with us on LinkedIn and Facebook for the latest events, country-specific news and trends.


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