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Ethernet VPN solutions provide connectivity for office buildings in Poland, Hungary, and Romania.

“GTS Telecom, a company owned by Deutsche Telekom, was the only vendor to provide us with comprehensive service in all three of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe in which we currently operate. We selected GTS based on their cost-effective solution which leverages flexible Ethernet technology.”

Randy Williamson, Director


Penzias was looking for a partner to provide connectivity for its managed office buildings in the countries in which they operate. The company wanted a high-speed, L2 solution for major localities and data centers that would allow it to control its WAN infrastructure. In phase two, the WAN infrastructure would be extended to include foreign localities. This required speeds of up to 100 Mbps and a VPN network that could service 3,000 business users.


GTS implemented a carrier Ethernet-based solution to meet their needs concerning bandwidth, redundancy, quality, and cost efficiency. In light of further expansion plans, we proposed a VPN solution that would be easy and quick to scale.


  • Cloud Ethernet communication
  • High volume traffic transmission
  • Standardized and easy to implement technology
  • Extensive coverage with an easy and cost-effective method of expanding to new locations via one operator
  • Guaranteed service level—service availability, QoS, and time to repair guaranteed in a contract


Penzias is a leading provider of managed IT and Telecom services to business centers across Europe. Penzias owns and operates key network infrastructure, providing managed IT and Telecom services in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Holland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and France. The company’s wide range of voice and data services boasts the latest telecommunications technology, allowing Penzias to provide unparalleled flexibility and lower costs to their business center customers.