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AAA Auto Group

AAA Auto Group relies on a unified printing solution from T-Mobile Czechia.

“We’re pleased to have found a reliable partner to help optimize our daily operations, including reducing costs and improving security for all printing operations. What’s more, the fact that we’re able to access support from T-Mobile across four markets made our work so much easier.”

Tomas Skacel, Head of IT at AAA Auto Group


AAA Auto Group has more than 40 locations in four countries—Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czechia—with over 2,000 employees. The company was therefore looking for an uncomplicated, single, and centralized printing system to minimize admin and decrease potential downtime. Smooth implementation customized to their systems following an internal printing audit was especially important to the AAA Auto Group as well as a strict service level agreement (SLA).


T-Mobile Czechia provided AAA Auto Group with high-performance hardware, namely 350 Kyocera printers. T-Mobile also provided an efficient printing solution that allowed Telekom to ensure centralized management. AAA Auto Group employees no longer have their workflows disrupted by printer downtime. Simple management of all print operations also saves operating and recovery costs covered by the SLA. All printing operations are monitored, including the speed of all printers, and reported to AAA Auto Group.


  • AAA Auto Group can now track and account for all printing and copying operations throughout the entire region.
  • Employee productivity has improved as printing downtime has decreased and the printing process has been optimized.
  • The company has reported a 20-percent reduction in printing costs.
  • A consistent and uniform printing solution makes it easier to add new branches, as they can simply be integrated into the current system.

AAA Auto Group

AAA Auto Group is the biggest used car reseller in the CEE region. From its headquarters in Czechia, the company has also expanded to Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. It offers a diverse range of more than 12,500 vehicles with annual sales of over 63,000 units, making the company one of the top ten largest car distributors in Europe.