Software-as-a-Service Applications

Business solutions delivered from the cloud. You don’t have to buy, build, or operate your business-critical applications. Just use them to improve your productivity.

  • Business agility by instantly provisioning ready-made applications from the cloud.
  • Flexibly based on your current needs and pay as you go instead of having to invest upfront.
  • Work in the cloud from anywhere and on any device to collaborate efficiently.
  • Get rid of the hassle of implementing and running your own hardware and software infrastructure, and focus on your key activities.
  • Minimize risk by using solutions with secure hosting and connectivity.
Software as a Service

Broad portfolio with solutions tailored to your needs

  • We offer numerous sales and marketing applications – whether it’s support in digital advertising or creating an online presence.
  • ERP, CRM, and billing applications are available ready-made from the cloud and typically require minor customizations to obtain a solution that bypasses long implementation processes and requires no infrastructure.
  • Our office, administration, HR, and BI applications offer commercial solutions that simplify administrative processes while going well beyond what traditional in-house tools can provide.

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Why Deutsche Telekom?

We have been providing secure IT and communication services across Europe for over 20 years.

We offer many services from our own secure data centers in  the EU and Germany – others are sourced from our carefully selected partners within the EU.

Connect to your cloud applications securely via our private and VPN networking solutions offered on top of our own fixed and mobile networks.

Consulting and implementation services from our local experts in many countries can get your services up and running quickly and efficiently.

Terms and conditions

The data provided by me can be used by Deutsche Telekom AG for general customer consultation, requirements-orientated design of the services I use, advertising and market research. Transferring this data for these purposes within the scope of my consent is to be done so solely within Deutsche Telekom AG. The use of my data for the above-listed purposes cannot be done so if I withdraw my consent. Withdrawing consent can be done so either in writing or electronically, e.g., via Email, at any time.